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HINT: The flower "Lily" was also once mentioned by Jesus in the Bible, as "lilies of the field". This is what is written in Matthew 6:28-30: See full...

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Rowena's dream about the lilies.

Dear Yod HVH,

My dream is about lilies. I used to be in Canada but I'm back in the Philippines, I recently dreamed of the beautiful lilies in Canada and we went to visit the said country again as a family. What does my dream mean? It's been two years since we last went and toured Canada.

There are many types of lilies and they also have different beautiful colors. It is said that when you dream of lilies, in any color it is one of the most auspicious dreams.
The flower "Lily" was also once mentioned by Jesus in the Bible, as "lilies of the field". This is what is written in Matthew 6:28-30:

“Why are you anxious about clothes? Look at the lilies of the field how they grow. They do not work, nor do they weave. But I tell you: Not even Solomon, in all his glory, was adorned like one of these. God clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow will be burned. If he clothed the grass in that way, will he not clothe you, you of little faith?”

That's why, as explained above, anyone who dreams of lilies in the field will truly get a lot of luck and blessings from God. 
Meanwhile, in the old or traditional sense it is said that when you dream of beautiful lilies in the wilderness, it is a sign of a sincere, peaceful and happy life full of blessings from heaven. And because of your natural goodness and kindness to your neighbor, fate will grant you many beautiful and abundant things.

For businessmen, dreaming of lilies means that a very simple and quick transaction will make a large amount of money.

To farmers, dreaming of lilies indicates a succession of bountiful harvests until the rice storehouse or the wheat storehouse is filled with an overabundance of harvest.

If you are already married and have a family and you dream of lilies, it indicates a faithful, abundant, happy and lifelong family life.
To lovers, lilies indicate a romantic, exciting and lifelong union blessed with beautiful baby girls.
In the modern sense or psychological interpretation, often when you dream of beautiful lilies, it indicates holiness and highest wisdom. That is to say, people who sanctify, improve or let's say live a life of loving others and have a deep devotion to God usually dream of lilies, it happened that way, because "their lifestyle and their very soul becomes pure and pure that really focuses on the love of God.”
So, if you make yourself a better person or sanctify yourself, and you have really devoted your whole life to loving your neighbor and God, as already said, you will probably dream of "lilies of the field" like the parable that Jesus mentioned in the Bible, (Matthew 6:28-30).
Meanwhile, if the psychologist Sigmund Freud is asked the flowers of lilies are also related to the sexual aspect of a person, such as "purity and virginity". Specifically, it is also said that the flower "lily" is also the "yoni" or the very representation of a woman's vagina.
So if a young woman dreams of a lily flower, it indicates that the moment she dreams of said flower, it is a sign that she is very clean and her freshness is ready for a very delicious and exciting sexual intercourse.
And if a woman who sees a lily flower has a husband, this is a sign that in the next few days, she will definitely experience a delicious and very satisfied intercourse with her husband.

That's why, Rowena, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear:
 "I dreamed of those beautiful lilies in Canada and we once again went for a walk as a family in the said country”, 
means that in the near future you will repeat and taste an experience again you will be able to go back to the country of Canada for a visit and in this visit as already said, your whole being will be filled with happiness again.
However, if on the other hand, in the event that you are not able to visit Canada again, what will be its replacement, is certainly that in the near future, more than visiting Canada will be recorded in your life, such as " lily of the field” that you dreamed of, “the experience that is just around the corner will bring you a delicious and blissful experience with added and bonus touches of grace and blessings from heaven.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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