Dream about a "BOX" containing "BEEF"

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Liza's dream about a box containing beef.

Dear Yod HVH,

I had a dream last night that a box came to our house but I am here in Hongkong and working as a domestic helper. The setting in my dream was in our house in the Philippines, it happened in Cavite. They said a box arrived and when I opened it, I saw beef and then I cooked it and ate it.


In the old or traditional sense, if you dreamed of a "box" and you were looking for something inside the box and you couldn't find what you were looking for, it is a sign that you will have financial problems and possibly health problems.

In other words, because you can't "see what's inside the box" you will run out of money in the next few days that you may be able to borrow from someone close to you.

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But in your dream, Liza, it wasn't like that, instead, 

"you opened the box and you saw some beef that you cooked and ate."

This means, "you will make a lot of money and the money you receive will make your life better", as if, "you cooked and ate beef" which means, "the luck that comes to you will be spent you quickly", which means "you will use money or good fortune so that immediately in your current life you will be happy and happy."

Meanwhile, "beef " in the old or traditional sense means "you will not run out of money but you will not be very rich." Apparently, your money is enough and you will not be poor. That's why the real meaning of beef in a dream in the correct term is "your lifestyle is always in the middle class now or for the rest of your life".

And since you got the beef inside the box, this is a sign "that in the next few days, there will be many more surprises in your life related to money that will make you very happy and happy!"

Meanwhile, in the modern meaning or psychological interpretation it is said that the box in the dream always contains "secrets and surprises". Of course it is, that's why it's boxed so you can't immediately see an object or the object inside the box. So, whatever the contents of the box you dreamed about, that can give the most meaning to your dream.

But, of course in the dream box also consider the story in Greek mythology "Pandora's box". However, Pandora did not really open a "box or box", but a "jar or jar". However, in the story of Pandora's box, it is said that the contents of the jar or box were "misfortune" and when Pandora opened it, "sickness, envy, problems, war, anger towards others, hatred of feelings and death" came out, but because of the fear of Pandora that there might be more "misfortunes" came out, she immediately closed it, but she didn't know that there was another very important content in the "box" and it was "hope or hope!"

It's the same in our actual lives, no matter what the problems and problems may be, there is always "hope or hope" that it will happen, there will be hope in our lives, if we don't imitate Pandora, that after opening the "box he immediately closed it" so " hope" did not come out.

Meanwhile, Liza, your dream was different, because when you opened the box and didn't close it, instead, you took the thing inside and it was beef, which means "abundance and blessings”.

However, in other modern interpretations it is said that "beef or any kind of meat in a dream, especially if it is raw" has a negative meaning, it is a sign of illness and health problems.

But in your dream it's different, Liza, because you "cooked and ate the beef". This means, "after minor problems and problems, immediately the abundance and blessings of life will surprise you in the next days and as soon as these blessings and abundance come, "because you ate the beef in your dream" this is a sign that all the abundance and blessings that will come into your life will bring you great pleasure and happiness."

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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