Dream about a clear beach and poop that turned into a snake

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HINT: A snake in a dream has many meanings, and we have discussed this in previous articles here. 
CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Marivic's dream about a clear beach or sea and poop that turned into a snake.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day! I hope you can help me understand my dream and give me an interpretation. I am Marivic 36 years old. My family and I currently live in Canada.
I dreamed that we were on a beach, the water was so beautiful and so clear. He said I defecated in the water. Then I saw my poop, elongated as it fell into the water, then it became "snake poop". Haha… silly! I put that "snake shit" away from me and threw it far away, because I was ashamed to be seen. But really don't want to leave me. So I did, I hid it and just wrapped it up. At first, he was green, but when I wrapped him, he turned gold. My dream is weird. Thank you and more powers!

Let's list first the things that will be interpreted in your dream, Marivic, for clarity.
1. Very beautiful and very clear sea or beach
2. Poo, where, poo is long and your poo is unusual – because it is “snake poo”.
3. You chase away the "snake shit" but it still comes back to you.
4. At first the color of snake poop was green, then it became "gold."

The four "things mentioned above" that floated in your dream will be interpreted one by one.
First, the "beach or the sea" because it is very wide, not like a river or stream, and not just "wide" because "when you really look at the sea it is mysterious or mysterious", which is why according to psychologist Carl Jung this describes your "unfathomed depths or the collective unconscious". It's hard, understand what? Don't understand that! It just means that in "layman terms" is "your vast self that is full of energy or strength which, you can use for your success and happiness."
Apparently, when we "dream of the sea" our "unconscious self shows us our vast resources of energy" that at any time or moment we can use it to make us happier or more successful. 
It's like a soldier so you can easily understand "before going to war, the General first showed his soldier the arsenal or cache of weapons that contained a lot of bullets, cannons, bombs, nuclear weapons and other things, so that This General believes his soldier. The same is true in your dream, "you have a power inside your body or personality that you haven't used at the moment." – That's what your unconscious self showed you in your dream.

You can ask; "So, why is the sea so beautiful and so clear?" Besides the "vast inner energy" represented by the sea, water also represents "feeling or emotion, it can also be said emotion." And because the "sea" is clear, it means "your feelings are clear" which means 100% you dreamed of "clear beach at present" because you are happy, or let's say "your life is satisfied at present" and the many more days, like your current "feeling" will still be happy and without problems.
Now you "poop" in the "sea or the beach" what does this mean? Because you are happy, because your unconscious self has shown your "vast energy or strangeness or your hidden power," you now produce "tangible things". If you think about "that sea earlier, even if we say it shows energy or happy emotion" there is no "material that is seen or produced or becomes an output". But when you defecate, "it was you who did it, it came from yourself and you can really see it, you can touch it. Where, for psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, "anything that a person produces or creates from his own material" is luck and is always called "money" and can also be said to be "material accomplishment" ”.
So what your dream is saying is very clear, "because you are happy now, because you have a lot of energy, if you are full of stamina and enthusiasm at the moment, you will have more achievements and blessings in life, in the next few days" - so balato that's it!

Your next question is why is the color "green and why does your poop look like snake or snake poop?"
It's like this: A snake in a dream has many meanings, and we have discussed this in previous articles here. That's how we will quote the meaning of the snake that is suitable for your dream.
In Modern Interpretation, or in psychology, the snake is also your own "instinct" related to "sexual drives." This is also the "libido" that resides in your person.
You dreamed of the snake because at present "there is a strong lust struggling in your inner self." This "lust or drive" like the sea "is also the inner energy" within your personality, so whatever you want to do at the moment, you can definitely do it and succeed. Because you are at the "peak moment of your life" or "your momentum is too high".

In addition to this, for Sigmund Freud, don't forget that the "snake" is a "phallic symbol." That is, the snake itself is a representation of the "penis" of a man. Remember that the "penis and the snake" do the same thing - it goes in and out of the "hole." That means, if you are married "dreaming of a snake indicates good sex in the future that you will really enjoy."
And it is also possible if you are planning to add a family member "the poop like snake" in your dream is a representation of where, you will have a baby again in the near future and the baby you will conceive will bring new luck and good fortune to you family
Meanwhile, we still haven't found the answer to "the color green turned to gold". The color green means "green". It means "growth" which means that your livelihood and the very life of your family will continue to grow at the moment, and in the end, it will not only grow (green) but, natural process of plants that "after the plants grow" it will bear fruit (gold) and will be the end result or event in your life or your very destiny during your old age, sure "your family will be very rich and happy” as represented by the color gold in your dream.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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