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Dear Yod HVH,

We went mountain hiking together as friends with our respective girlfriends. My girlfriend and I are together and we are ahead. For us, climbing the mountain is easy. And when we were at the top, there were caves. 

There are six caves and we entered five and the last cave has a huge dragon to fight. My girlfriend and I fought it and I stabbed the dragon in the back. When the rest of us came they were very happy, then I woke up thinking that my dream was real.

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Your dream, Ace, seems like an event in a fairy tale story where it turns out that you are the "hero" because you killed the "big dragon."

In fact, the interpretation of your dream where "climbing a mountain" indicates "your goals in life", whether you will achieve them or fail. Here is the answer:

When you "climb the mountain and you are easily reached like in your dream, Ace" this is a sign that you will easily reach or achieve your dreams in life, especially if in your dream you "reached the top of the mountain."

You are climbing a mountain with your girlfriend, which means “you will not achieve your goal if you do not consider or value other people.” That means, your goal is not just for you personally, but apart from your personal dream, your current dream is also related to the future of the relationship you will build, specifically the family you will build, that's why climbing the mountain you are with your girlfriend.

The scene where "you are with your friends or colleagues" while you are climbing the mountain indicates that "your life is happy at the moment". "Friends" in a dream are a sign of "social activities" related to "freedom, gimmicks, and other youthful activities that bring joy and vitality to an individual's life."

Meanwhile, the "dragon" in the dream indicates "a strange animal creature" that appears in our dreams because something important is being guarded.

Often in fairy tale stories "the dragon is guarding a treasure and sometimes a beautiful princess locked in a cave by a witch or a sorcerer". And usually, this princess is waiting for a "hero" or a "handsome and brave man" to save her.

In this scene, exactly what happened in your dream, Ace, the only difference is that instead of "you saved the princess" or "the girl" the princess is represented by your girlfriend who fights the dragon with you.

It means that your "anima and animus" are together in your personality that you will face all the challenges of life, so that you can achieve your ambition and dreams. 


The ANIMUS and ANIMAS in the Dream Interpretation
  •  In women's dreams, often the "man" is his "animus." The animus is the part of the woman whose character is a man.'''[....]
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  • you dreamed of "a woman playing the violin" which is also the image of your "anima' (the woman, within or the woman within your personality) [....]
Dream About Fighting DRAGON with her Girlfriend
  • You saved the princess" or "the girl" the princess is represented by your girlfriend who fights the dragon with you. It means that your "anima and animus"[....]

So it can be said that you will use too much force or energy to succeed in any kind of ambition or dream that you will outline in the future.

Meanwhile, what does the "anima and animus" we mentioned above mean?

Anima is "the woman within" within your personality, while "animus" is "the man within", which is also within your personality.

So when you fight the dragon, the "anima and animus within your personality join forces (you and your girlfriend) so you can easily defeat the big dragon." That means, "currently and in the future, your personality will be very good at its core, so as it has been said, whatever you dream of in life, you will surely succeed and you can easily achieve it."

That's why, Ace, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream, "climb the mountain of your friends" becomes clear, which means that you have dreams and ambitions in life that you want to achieve.

"My girlfriend and I are together and we are ahead, because for us it is easy to climb the mountain" means that while your inspiration in life is building a family in the future and you are looking at the future with the woman you love, you can easily reach or your dreams and ambitions in life will be thwarted.

"You and your girlfriend fought the big dragon and you stabbed it in the back", 

this describes that you will succeed in all the obstacles that will hinder your dreams, no matter how difficult these obstacles or obstacles are, you will easily overcome them.

"When our other companions came they were very happy" which means success in career, in life and in all your dreams at this moment you have fully achieved, this will bring you pleasure and happiness. And not only to yourself, but these successes will also bring joy and happiness to the society you live in, to your friends, to those who know you and to those you love in life.

The question that must also be answered is, when will the positive and good things indicated in your dream happen?

You should also pay attention to the "six cave" in your dream, which indicates that "six years from now, all your dreams and ambitions in life will come true one by one."

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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