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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at CMA's dream about the following: Having a party, expensive wine, a man like an angel dressed in white and the blessing.

I have many dreams that I want you to interpret.
1. My brother had a party, he opened some wine, the most expensive wine; I smelled and drank until I was horny.
2. There is a bee in my room and the bee makes honey. Then I was very pissed off at the said bee.
3. My brother and I were talking and others, I noticed that the sky was clear. Then he took the form of an angel and spoke to a man in white clothes. Even though it was noisy, I was always focused on what I was looking at in the sky, I took the white clothed man, the blessing. I quickly slid down to be blessed, I was on my knees. Then when I looked up, the man in white gradually disappeared. But I felt the impact of what he blessed. Then everyone looked up, my brother said, I will bless them too. And I followed my brother and blessed them.
Yod HVH, I'm sorry that I have so many dreams. What does this mean? Thank you very much. 

On closer inspection, CMA, your dream has almost only one meaning. Where, after your turbulent experience and irritating incident, one after another luck and blessings will come into your life.
It happened because these are the specific meanings of your dreams:
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First, "partying" in your dream means that you will have a happy experience. And it's not just happy, because in your dream, "opened one of the most expensive wines" just like what happened in the first miracle of Jesus at the Wedding in Cana that can be read in the Bible, 
(John 2: 1-11) turned into delicious wine of Jesus the water. 
This means, "you will not only experience joy and happiness in the next few days, but heaven will give you lots of luck and blessings that will miraculously happen that you did not expect."
"After the party and drinking", notice also in your dream that: "you pooped" which means that one of the blessings of heaven that you will receive in the near future is related to money or heaps that money.
Meanwhile, your second dream has almost the same meaning. Where "there is a bee making honey in your room", the problem also includes your dream that "a bee is circling you and pissing you off."
The “bee that makes honey” means – blessings and happiness you will naturally receive.
What this means is that other people to be lucky, especially with money or money, need to work and make an effort, but yours is different, "even if you don't work and even if you don't make an effort" because the "bees themselves" will give you "honey" or "blessings with associated joy and happiness." That's what it means, "even if you don't work hard, you will receive many blessings from heaven.
The only problem is, "because you are irritated by the bee that is circling you" this means, maybe before you receive the blessings that fate has intended for you, you will be a little troubled or stressed, but after you get stuck and have problems, like as already said, "heaven will willingly grant you abundant money and graces."

Your third dream that "the sky is clear" reveals that "the luck that will come to your life is very clear." While the "angel formed in the sky and talking to a man in white clothes" is a picture of "God himself or divine creator or divine entities and we can also say messenger of God" which means "friends appeared to you in a dream of God who gives miracles and grace.” And what's even more impressive about your fanfare is that you were "blessed" and after you were "sprinkled with agua bendita water" you were the one who blessed the people.
That is, after you receive many graces and blessings that come directly from heaven without much effort, you will be given a mission from above, your mission "is to help the poor and heal the sick" just like how you bless your brother and the people around you.

In other words, CMA, what is clearly indicated by "patterns or similar scenes in your dreams", just like the book in the Bible, about the prophet Jonah. Where, God invites Jonah to "become a prophet and preach in Nineveh" but Jonah rejects it, so he is "swallowed by a giant fish" later Jonah was no longer rejected and was no longer able to hide the "calling" or God calls him” – he also preached and followed the mission that God was sending him to do.
Your mission in life is almost the same as your unconscious self showed you, at first your life will be chaotic and have many problems, then many graces and blessings will come until eventually you will realize that this is how life turned out you, God calls you to serve him and be an instrument of God's blessings and showing his love to people, especially the poor and the unfortunate.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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