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HINT: The staircase for Sigmund Freud is a "phallic symbol"

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Zhane's dream about a river with cloudy water, a river with clear water, a shack, a strong house, a fragile staircase that suddenly softens.


Dear Yod HVH,

I would like to know what my dreams mean. It's like this...

I dreamed that I went to my mother's house. The places I went to were houses near the river. It is said that most of the abandoned houses there are shacks that look like they are going to collapse because they are right next to the river. That river there, the current of water is strong, the water is almost raging on the far side of the river, the water is said to be cloudy. When people pass by, the current of water is also strong, but I can clearly see the ground under which I pass. When I arrived at that place, I was looking for my mother's house. There is someone in the house I went to. Then I asked where is my mother's house? The person who is on top of their house said, it doesn't matter if the house is above them. The only interesting thing about the house that I saw is that it looks sturdy, because the poles that were used were not wooden, but iron and traces were nailed to the irons. People also said, "cement is the most important part of the pole, so the house won't just be demolished."

Then I saw some children who seemed to be playing on top of the house. I would like to go up to my mother's house. I wonder why there are no stairs going up. Did I ask where the stairs are? Then they put a ladder but I couldn't climb it because the ladder they put was fragile. Suddenly it seems to soften and fall. That's why I didn't go up anymore.

The next dream I had when I went to CR was also next to that house, it was not clear what I was doing there. All I remember is that I suddenly splashed water, I didn't notice that there was a pig next to the house that looked like a newborn. He said I saw many piglets and the pig seemed to be a bit thin because of the number of piglets. After a while the owners of the pigs suddenly came and drove them back to them.

What do these dreams of mine mean?


 If you ask the psychologist Sigmund Freud, he is the "father of psychological obscenity"

because his interpretations of almost everything under heaven are related to sex, and he always said that "sex motivates every person to act and aspire!”

So it is inevitable that most of Freud's interpretations of things seen in dreams are also about sex.

Just like your dream Zhen, if you ask Sigmund Freud, your dream is also related to sex in this particular scene: 

"Then they put a staircase but I couldn't climb it because it looked like a fragile staircase they put up. Suddenly it seems to soften and fall. That's why I haven't been able to climb."

The staircase for Sigmund Freud is a "phallic symbol" which means "the penis of a man". That's why if you already have a boyfriend, or you're married, or you already have a partner, the scene mentioned above, "fragile stairs...suddenly softening...falling... so I can't climb anymore" - it is an actual "sex experience" of a woman who has concealed herself through the medium of symbolism. That "you didn't climb, you didn't reach the climax" is what it means! 

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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Where, "you have sexual frustration at the moment or your sexual life is not very satisfied" that's why, "there are many shack houses in your dream, and in that place that is a little far away the water in the river is dirty" . That is, "because you have not fully expressed or fulfilled your libido" you are not yet fully "happy and successful at the moment" not only in love or sex, but in almost all aspects of your life, including career, financial and material matters. So in order to be happy and successful, and have a lot of progress, abundance and achievements in life, you need to "satisfy your sexual life as well as your love life." When that cries, you will continue to succeed and be happy for life.

Now if we forget Sigmund Freud and focus on other interpretations, it is said that your connected dreams have almost the same pattern of meaning. It's like this:

 "It was a cloudy river, but there was also a clear part of the water and you could even see your feet. It's a shack, but your mother's house is sturdy and made of stone. Water that was suddenly thrown and a sow with many children that was driven away by the owner will return to them."

All the dreams you mentioned above describe only one scenario where. It is said: "you will go through trials, problems and other obstacles in life, but if you remain good at making decisions, in the end the luckiest part of your dream will prevail - "a sow with many children". Which means, there will come a time when you will prosper and prosper, you will have a lot of abundance in life, until you become rich". Meanwhile, Zhane, don't get excited about the said interpretation, because it is not over yet.

Instead, but because "the owner drove the sow with many children towards them" this is a sign that "all the prosperity and advancement in life that you will enjoy in the future may also be lost to you if it you will not keep it.”

So be thankful for your dreams, because you are being warned or it is advising you now what you should do, in which, this is the advice: "that from now on any success and progress to achieve in your life, that you can hold, you must keep it, so that abundance, luxurious living and happiness will be yours forever!” 

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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