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HINT: If the psychologist Sigmund Freud is asked if the fruit is smooth, round, many seeds, red and sweet, it is a sign of a woman's unconscious desire to have sex if she is a virgin but if she has a partner or a husband that, it is a sign of unconscious wish to have a baby or children. See Full...
CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Tagumpay's dream about the fruit aratiles and apples.

Dear Yod HVH,

Because I had a dream and I want to know its meaning. I saw an aratiles tree and many fruits. What I did was I picked one and when I saw that it was delicious, I picked after picking, one bite at a time until I was full. I was about to leave but someone called me and gave me a red apple, the same color as the aratiles fruit
I picked which were also red. I just brought it and didn't eat the apple because I was already full. Then the next day, I dreamed again, but only briefly, in my dream I was fat and my cheeks were chubby. What is the meaning of my dream and are my two dreams related? In real life, I don't want to gain weight yet, because I'm just a small girl and I might become chubby, so I only eat a little. Just hide me in the name of Success. Thank you very much.

When you sleep "a little hungry or not full" it is said that the content of your dream will usually be "you are eating, maybe bread, rice or fruit or whatever food you want to eat in your walking life or when you are awake."
This is what is called in psychology "wish fulfillment dream". Where, "your hunger before you sleep, was met by the exact needs of your stomach or warehouse during the time you were sleeping, so you were full in your dream." But in reality, when you wake up, even if you are full in your dream, it is certain that as it has been said, "when you wake up, you are still hungry and the tendency when you wake up is to look for something to eat in the kitchen."
However, Success, if you were not hungry when you slept and you dreamed of fruit, especially small but sweet aratiles, this has a positive or good meaning.

In the traditional or old-fashioned sense in general, “the fruit indicates wealth and family happiness. If you are single, the fruit is also an indication of a happy and fulfilling relationship with the person you love very much."

However, also remember that there are different types of fruit, so its interpretation depends on what type of fruit you dreamed about.
In general, when the fruit is red and sweet like you dream of aratiles fruit, it indicates luck with money, happy relationships and happy family ties. 
But, since the aratiles have only small fruits, this is a sign that in the next few days you will feel little material luck and little family happiness. But, at least, what is interesting here is the indication that you will be lucky and you will be happy in the next few days.

Meanwhile, apart from the aratiles, another fruit you dreamed about was the apple that although you didn't eat, someone handed it to you. As mentioned above, since the apple is red and tastes a bit sweet in the dream, it is a sign of a long life filled with success and happiness.
If you are a woman, the apple says that a man will help you to succeed and be happy. It can also be said that a man will help you to grow and be happy forever.
If you have a boyfriend, the apple means a happy relationship because you are both faithful to each other, the woman or the man you love.
While if you are a businessman, the apple indicates that you will reap big profits from the transactions you will enter in the next few days.

In the modern and psychological interpretation, the fruit is a sign of "ripeness, abundances; fertility; earthly desire; a project that's finally "bearing fruit". This means that whatever you are thinking, planning or planning in life today, just keep going, because in the near future, you will succeed and whatever you are planning or thinking, as already said, it will have a positive fulfillment.
If the psychologist Sigmund Freud is asked if the fruit is smooth, round, many seeds, red and sweet, it is a sign of a woman's unconscious desire to have sex if she is a virgin but if she has a partner or a husband that, it is a sign of unconscious wish to have a baby or children.

Meanwhile, according to the H-T-P Test (House-Tree-Person Test by Goodenough), when the tree in the drawing in the said projective technique test that is usually administered by psychologists/psychometricians, has "fruits" it is sign of "dependency".
That is, the first fruit in your dream is the aratiles which are small but red in color, this is a sign that "you rely even on small things in your family or a member of your family". Because the aratiles fruits are red and ripe – at least you are currently happy.
Meanwhile, the apple is the same. A sign that "you rely on your family or a member of your family, and because the shape of the apple is quite large, you rely on your family members not only for small things but sometimes also for big things you." But, because the apple is red and delicious to eat, on the other hand you hope, you are content and happy no matter how it is at the moment.

That's why if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear, a sign that: "even if you are now relying on some members of your family, in the near future, there will still be a lot of luck and good fortune what will come to you and what you will receive, which is also the meaning of your second dream that "you are getting fat and your cheeks are getting fat" which means "physical health is also a sign of material and economic abundance that you will experience in the next days.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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