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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Elizabeth's dream about the mirror.

Dear Yod HVH,

I had a dream last night and I always dream about it. I say I look in the mirror and look at myself carefully. Then I woke up. What does this dream of mine mean?



In a quick interpretation when you "dream of a mirror and you look closely at yourself, it means that you want to improve your current condition or situation." That's why you "take a good look at yourself in the mirror." And since the mirror is clear, it will also be clear in the next few days, the things you want to improve yourself or whatever you are doing right now will definitely improve.

In the old or traditional interpretation when you dream that you are looking in a mirror and you are a businessman, it is a sign that your business will not be very favorable. You may ask, why wouldn't it be productive or let's say a warning that your business might go bankrupt the moment you dream that you are in front of the mirror?

The reason for the loss of your business is "mismanagement" or you are not focused enough on your business, so your business has a warning that it will go bankrupt.

In addition, the dream that you are reflected in a mirror or that you are in front of a mirror is also a warning that if you are a businessman you have staff who betray you. So what you should do is review the papers, your "book" or the daily business transaction of your business so that you can determine who and how your staff is betraying you.

The best thing about the dream is that you are in front of the mirror and you look at yourself, in time you will also discover the reason why you are gradually losing money in your current business and who your staff is betraying you.

That's why when you dream that you are in front of a mirror, as already said, it also indicates "that if you take competent action right away, you will be able to correct the problems that are happening in your business and therefore you will not lose completely instead you will be able to recover in later periods.”

Meanwhile, for lovers or lovers, the dream that you are in front of a mirror is a warning that you will have a misunderstanding with your lover or your wife, related to sarcasm. This means that one of you will have a secret relationship or an accidental relationship with another being, but if you discover it early, your relationship will be saved, meaning that you will not be separated, but in the following days will be even more your love will be hot after you fight.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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Meanwhile, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation, the mirror has many meanings, especially the "looking-glass" or the mirror we use to see ourselves.

First of all, the meaning of a mirror in a dream is "reflection" in particular "self-reflection", which means that you are dreaming that you are in front of a mirror and you are currently reflecting on something you are deeply thinking or reflecting on personally. your life, that eventually whatever you set your mind to, it will lead you to success and pure happiness.

Second, in Zen Buddhism, it is said that Zen people always talk to their "inner mirror" and this "inner mirror is none other than the Buddha or the "manifestation of God." For the psychologist Carl Jung, this "inner mirror" is "your true or pure self" that appeared to you in a dream, to guide you.

That's why when you dream that you are reflecting and you see yourself clearly clear it also indicates "enlightenment", where you "will have clarity" so that you can understand all the things that are happening to you currently. And this "enlightenment" is not just light, it will be "like you are powerful" that all your wishes and desires will surely come true, especially things related to serving others and loving God.

And thirdly, it is also said that the dream mirror is "another link or door between the unconscious and conscious world, as when Alice in fairy tale, Alice in the Wonderland, goes through the looking glass."

That is, like what happened to Alice in the fairy tale Alice Through the Looking Glass, written by the author Lewis Carroll, where, when Alice went inside the "glass" various wonders happened in his life, or in every "world" he has been to, but at the end of the story, there is only one conclusion of the story which is said, "life itself is just a dream!"

That is why if we link the interpretations mentioned above Elizabeth clarifies that the meaning of your dream, 

"you are looking in the mirror and you are looking at yourself" 

means "in the next few days, you will discover something and then , there is a wonderful and unique change that will take place in your life and this change will lead not only to the development of your livelihood, but this change will lead to the very development of your inner self which will bring you a pure and not unexplainable happiness.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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