Dream About Good at Playing ''CHESS'' but in real life don't know how to play

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Denver's dream about playing chess.

Dear Yod HVH,

In my Dream I play chess, but what surprises me is that I'm not very good at it. I know how to fix parts but I don't know much about scraps and tactics. But, when I was playing, I was very good and every time I held a piece, whether it was white or black, I was never defeated by my opponents. What does this dream of mine mean?


In the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation of your dream, Denver, where, since the game of chess is related to " fighting" it means that in the next few days, be careful because you have open and secret will be against or jealous of you. They may also slander you and make a strategy to embarrass you or destroy you in your company or your school or whatever your career is at the moment.

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However, the interesting thing about your dream that you are playing chess, even if you don't know how to play chess or can be said to be "just a beginner player" is that you win one after the other, even if the pieces you hold are white or black and the it's true, not only do you win consecutively in your dream, but you never lose.

That means, the people you are with will look down on you, because they think you are not good or that you are not a good person. They will slander, oppress and make fun of you but in the end, how they oppressed or mistreated you, their insults mentioned above will also come back to them because just like your dream "you will be the winner and never lose" so when it happens That, they are the ones you secretly laugh at. 

Meanwhile in the modern interpretation or in psychology, the interpretation of the chess dream says that if you are not a chess player or you have no naivety in playing chess and you dreamed this, your unconscious self reminds you, that "whatever problem or situation you will face today, don't make a decision impulsively, but you should think carefully."

This is also a warning, that if you decide quickly, "you will fail or lose" but if you think carefully about each decision or each tirade you make, like you dream "none of you lose in playing chess ” no doubt, you will succeed and you will also win in the walking life or in your real life whatever battle you are facing right now.”

If you used to be a chess player or are good at it or you really know something about the game of chess, when you dream about it, it is also a "reminder" of your unconscious self that nowadays, "don't take it easy your life, instead, concentrate on a single goal, just like a chess player concentrates on his turn, concentrate on your life and you will surely achieve a sweet and delicious victory.”

If the psychologist Sigmund Freud is asked, because chess pieces are usually sharp and rounded, it is considered a phallic symbol or a man's penis itself. That's why if you have a dream, that you are playing chess and it is clear in your dream that every time you hold a piece, advance, eat, eat, retreat, defend and imitate the opponent, this is a sign of "sexual gratification or auto sexual activity” which can also be said as “alternative masturbation” while you are sleeping, especially in your dream as it has been said that you are very happy, because you said that you do not lose, but you always win.

So, Denver if psychologist Sigmund Freud is to be believed, if you don't have a girlfriend yet, your dream that you are playing chess and not losing, is a clear indication that you will have a girlfriend in the near future and anyone woman you court, there is no doubt, "you will win" she will answer you and the relationship you will build will be a lifetime that will be delicious and happy.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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