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HINT: If you are counting the time on the clock  in the morning, this is news or a sign of your destiny that you will have a prosperous and happy experience. But if you are counting the time on the clock, later in the afternoon, this warns that "be careful.. See full...

Now let's look at Tetchie's dream about the clock.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that the clock on the wall was ticking, so I looked at it. The clock was in the living room of our house, then I watched it work. Then I woke up, what does this mean?

The clock is a measure of time and it is also a representation of the progress or running of each day in our lives. The clock or time is also based on what we do or are busy in life.
It is said, "for those who do nothing, time is slow. For those who are "busy" or very busy with work, time flies. But to those who love, time seems eternal.”

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That is why when you dream of a clock, it indicates impatience, if you are waiting for something. But if you are not waiting for anything, the clock is the fulfillment of your dreams.
That interpretation happened, Tetchie, because in your dream you were just watching the clock and not waiting for anything. That's why your dream is definitely in the near future, "you will be given time, so that you can do everything and you can fulfill whatever your dream and ambition is to do in your life." 
Meanwhile, in the old or traditional interpretation if you are a young woman and in your dream you heard the ticking of the clock, it indicates a quick marriage, and this quick marriage is for life will prosper and be happy. That means, that's why the clock keeps ticking in your dream because you're getting married.

If you are counting the time on the clock if your dream is in the morning, which means not in the afternoon, this is news or a sign of your destiny that you will have a prosperous and happy experience.
But if you are counting the time on the clock, you dreamed about it a little later in the afternoon, this warns that "be careful, because there is something bad or bad happening in your life in the near future."
And as already said, when you count the time in your dream in the afternoon, for lovers it is a sign of disdain for the beloved, disappointment and tears.
Meanwhile, when you dream that the clock hand "doesn't want to run, or it is running but is just stranded in one place, it seems that the clock hand wants to run, but because the battery may be weak, it cannot- advanced, or the ticking is constant and does not leave the same place, it warns of illness and at worst death.
Meanwhile in the modern interpretation, or in the psychological sense, the clock especially if it is round in shape also represents yourself, specifically your inner self. Psychologist Carl Jung called it "mandala". Do you know the meaning of "mandala?" You probably don't know, it's like this:
In psychological terms it is a representation of your “whole self”. You will be surprised, and you can ask: Why Maestro "yourself is whole" does it mean "myself is not whole now?"
Of course. Because Carl Jung's friends believe that a person is not happy in his current life and he is not very successful or he is not very successful, "because he is not whole himself."
What is the proof that the self is "not whole"? First of all, the person or you who is reading this is "always looking for something". And that's why you're “making a living” because you want to make money and you're looking for money. That's why work is called "finding-life". You know, if you don't look for life or work "you will die". That's why this "incomplete self" does what it does, because the end that the "incomplete self" really seeks is "to be whole" and be happy.
Besides "searching for the incomplete self with material needs," another thing that the incomplete self is looking for is the "life partner" or what you call a "soulmate."
That's why the elders call it when you get married they say "Finally Kurdapya has found his heart's desire and sometimes it's also called the continuation of his life."
Only in marriage, a person's incomplete self is somewhat completed and formed. So you can see, when you get married, "the celebration is very fun, because what is really celebrated here is that you have found "the other half of yours" - so on the wedding day, "the former part of the incomplete self is partially completed."

So now you know what it means to "bring, when someone asks you?" Yes, he is the representation of "a whole self".

So when you display "symbols that in psychology are called mandalas" in your house, or in your room and you always see them, the deep meaning of "mandala" will "enter your unconscious self" - if you are a young man or a young woman, you can suddenly get married and suddenly your previously sad life will be completed. That's it! What are the "symbols that are called mandalas?" – That is what I will teach you in the next few days, as long as you always follow this site.
Meanwhile, our chatter is too much now. Let's go back to the "clock or clock in the dream" that made the "mandala" move. Which means, in the near future Tetchie, "you will be complete" especially if the clock you are looking at on the living room wall of your house is "round shaped" and as said, it should be "working" because when the clock is working it is an indication of your "healthy and energetic body" and not only your physical body is healthy, but also your emotional, mental and spiritual self.
That's why if the interpretations mentioned above are linked, the meaning of your dream is now clear, 
"the clock on the wall is working, so I looked at it. The clock was in the living room of our house, then I watched it work." 
A ticking clock means "you are currently maturing and as a woman, you continue to grow young until your womanhood matures and since you are watching the clock ticking, this is a sign that "some time from now, it will take place in your life in the near future is marriage.”
While "the clock is in the living room" which says if you are in the "middle age of your age" as already said, "now or at this time, you can get married" and another meaning of "living room" your marriage or getting married will be grand, the reception will be grand, there will be many guests and the guests and the couple will be really happy.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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