Dream about a man who gave him a plaque with # 7 written on it

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Jupiter's dream about a man who gave him a plaque with # 7 written on it.


Dear Yod HVH,

My dream was about a man who gave or handed me a plaque. I looked at it and it had the number # 7 written on it. I placed the plaque between or in the middle of two red lanterns. What does this dream of mine mean?


The symbolism that appeared in your dream while you were sleeping, Jupiter, can be said to have positive or good meanings, so you can wear a canton noodle today, such as the plaque of recognition, number 7 and the two red lanterns.

Let's start with the two red lanterns. Because the lantern gives light, it announces "great success" in your current endeavors.

 If you are a businessman, this is a sign of the arrival of a client or two transactions in a row, you will definitely make a huge profit.

 If you are a lover or have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the red lantern is a sign of a happy and lifelong relationship that will be filled with love and material abundance.

If you are not in a relationship, two years from now you will have a very happy and fulfilling relationship with a famous or rich person.

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And since the lantern in your dream has a red color and two others, it is a sign of double the joy and success you will have in the field of love and even in material things that will bring you great happiness later on which is two years from now.

 Meanwhile, the plaque of recognition you dreamed about is a sign that the next day you will receive recognition from the current society you live in or the current society you belong to.

For example you are a student, you will get high marks and you will be praised by your teachers and your parents.

If you are an employee, apart from receiving recognition from your company, in the next few days or months, your position in the office may increase and your salary may also increase.

 And since it was a man who gave you the plaque, it means that if you are a Jupiter woman, “in boyfriend or marriage” you will definitely be lucky and have a prosperous and lifelong family.

If you are a man and a fellow man gave you a plaque, this is a sign that you will have friends you can count on. Where, these friends will always help you and whatever your problem is, they will surely solve it. Apparently, "a man gave you a plaque" which means that you always have good luck and good fortune that your friends and colleagues will give you.

 Meanwhile, according to Numerology, the number seven (7) is considered one of the luckiest numbers. And it also indicates travel, because the number 7 is associated with the planet Neptune.

That means, if you are dreaming of going abroad and you dream of the number 7, you will definitely stay and have a delicious and prosperous experience overseas. If you are an OFW, the number 7 indicates that apart from the current country you have been to, you will visit many other countries and every time you go abroad, you will definitely be prosperous and happy.

Besides the number 7 being one of the luckiest numbers, it is also considered "one of the most sacred numbers, it represents victory." That means, no matter what you are doing right now, for example you have a competitor or an opponent, you will surely prevail and succeed in the end. The beauty of the number 7, when you get the victory or victory, you will definitely enjoy the taste and experience of what it is like to be a winner.

In addition to this, apart from the "sacred number seven" it also symbolizes "completeness". That's why when you dream of the number 7, like you dream of Jupiter, it also reveals the "fulfillment of all your dreams in life."

It is also possible that the number 7 is the same number of the year, when you will always and completely succeed and become rich or advance in your life. 

That means, if you are still single, seven years from now you will be able to get married and with your marriage, you will definitely prosper and your family will have a rich livelihood.

While if you are married now and your goal is to get rich, the number 7 means seven years from now, you will be rich and you will not just get rich, because the "plaque of recognition" in your dream reveals that in addition to getting rich, you will be recognized and given recognition by the society you belong to during the aforementioned period, and your wealth, like the "two red lanterns" is not just simple or unusual wealth, but double- double wealth, blessings and favors are set to be bestowed upon you in heaven, which will happen, just like the number you saw in your dream, 7 years from now!

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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