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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Jinky's dream about bread and them having a party together.

I am abroad and working as a caregiver in Israel. I dreamed of a pandesal (salt bread,) . It was Sunday, my three children and I were eating bread with dairy cream filling, that was our breakfast. As far as I know, after we have breakfast, we will go to church together, so it is Sunday in my dream and we will go to church at exactly 10:00 in the morning. In my dream, my children are still children, they are still in elementary school but in real life they are in high school and the two are in college. 

What does this dream of mine mean? I am a single mom and I am the only one who raised my children since my husband left us and went with another woman.


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You dreamed of your children, Jinky, because there is no doubt or doubt, at the moment you miss them a lot especially since you are currently overseas or in another country.

It's typical for a mother like you to have trouble with their children as already explained, especially if you and your family are far away and you may not be back here in the Philippines for a long time.

That's why in order to relieve or alleviate your longing, or homesickness, your unconscious self will make a way so that you can be together, once more, even for a short time and this is even just in a dream .

Meanwhile in the Old or Traditional Meaning, bread in a dream, especially if it is pandesal, (salt bread,)  is a sign of temporal abundance or material abundance, which means that your family will not starve or run out of material needs. That means you will not suffer because you will never run out of money.

If you dreamed that you were eating pandesal or bread, this is a sign that you will have a healthy body, you will have a long and happy life.

However, if in your dream the bread is burnt or the pandesal (salt bread,) is burnt, it is a sign of illness and a weak body.

While still in the Old and Traditional meaning, when you are kneading pandesal or bread in your dream, it is a sign of grief, misfortune and sadness.

Meanwhile in the Modern Interpretation, or in the psychological sense it is said that because bread is an important ingredient of our food, or let's say bread is also a "staple food", so it is indicated by "physical and spiritual nourishment". That is, bread in a dream, especially if it is pandesal, confirms that the person who dreamed of it is currently healthy, away from any illness, has a vigorous body and is also in a healthy spiritual state.

Also remember that in foreign languages, "bread" and "dough" are also slang words for the word "money" or money, which is why when you dream of "bread or bread" it is certain that in the near future you will receive a large amount of unexpected money.

Meanwhile, from a religious point of view, because the bread was also used as a "symbol of Jesus" in particular at the Last Supper, when the bread was broken by him, that's why the dream bread also represents "holiness."

Jesus himself is "the living bread" and he is also the "Eucharist or Communion or the Host" that we Christians receive when we go to church, or have communion. Because of this, the dream of "bread" also symbolizes the well-being, being healthy of our soul and in case you have an illness and then you dream of "bread" it is certain that your illness will be cured immediately because the Dream about bread is also related to "divine healing" that comes directly from Jesus or our Lord God.

That's why, Jinky, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear, 

"my three children and I are eating bread together" 

which means that you miss your son, they too have a healthy body and are in good condition in our country, so you have nothing to worry about, even though you are currently on the other side of the sea and far away from them. Yes, your dream says "your children are doing well and are being watched over by the protection and love of heaven."

In addition, because in your dream "you are not just eating ordinary bread but with dairy cream filling" this is a sign that in the next days and in the future, you will continue to prosper and prosper overseas or in the country where you work, especially in the country of Israel, this development and abundance will not only be experienced and benefited by you but this abundance and delicious life will also be enjoyed by your family especially your children who are here in the Philippines currently.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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