Dream about ''OLD HOUSE'' during the Spanish era

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Jaypee's dream about an old house that looks like the Spanish era.


Dear Yod HVH,

I have a recurring dream, I don't know when it started. Maybe I'm still in high school. Right now I am 24 years old.

I kept dreaming of an old house, like a Spanish style. I'm not sure but it seems to be in the province. To this day I still dream about him, I haven't seen that house ever since and I don't know where it is. That's why I wonder why I keep dreaming about it. And I know to myself that it's just a dream but I feel as I dream, my heart beats faster. So I'm really curious about the meaning of my dream. I hope you can help me what this means.


“your dream like old Spanish-era house” comes from what psychologist Carl Jung calls “archetypal motifs”.

The "archetypal motif"

is a scenario that happened in ancient times, like the "creation" or the first day when God created the world came back suddenly or you saw in your dream. You can also see the Paradise of Eden, the open door of heaven with a staircase the "pilgrimage of the Knights" (holy crusade) to retake Jerusalem from the hands of the Muslims, and other situations that happened before but are still alive which is still alive in the memory of history.

Because these events were previously marked in the "collective unconscious or universal unconscious" of every being, so even if you have not experienced or witnessed it, "you can dream of it" - because the truth is, every person especially you are part of it. because of the "universal mind."

 This "collective unconscious" is also called the "universal unconscious" because even if you do not experience the situations mentioned above and even if you have not seen "the other things in ancient times" (just like you dreamed that like a Spanish house) indeed in all cultures, traditions and even in ancient civilizations before history, all this has happened and is happening again and again.

Of course, not in our actual lives, but it happens again and again in our dreams, ("archetypal motifs") so that we can again "feel the presence and effectiveness" of these archetypes motifs, not only of "beings mentioned or situations" but also "images or pictures" - and this shows up in our dreams, because it will help in the current situation of your life so that you can discover the right solution to the problems you are facing in now.

That is why the "old house during the Spanish period" is one of the "universal unconscious" that shows up in your dream, because it "wants to express or tell you". That the moment you decipher or "unearth" the meaning you will have "enlightenment" or "expand your inner and outer awareness of yourself."

But in the meantime, let's first learn the basic interpretation of what is the meaning of a house in a dream?

The house in your dream is yourself. 

The current state of your personality. 

This is your conscious and unconscious self.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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 That's why if the house you dreamed about is beautiful, it means that your outlook in life is also good at the moment and it can also be said that you are "spiritually and physically fit" during the times you dreamed of a beautiful, comfortable and well-organized house.

Also remember because life has a foundation and every part of it is complete, doors, windows, bedroom, dining room, living room and so on. The house in the dream also indicates harmony of mind and integrity of inner self and outer self.

If the house in the dream is big, beautiful, stylish and rich, it is a sign that currently your "unconscious self" is still dreaming or aspiring for "something more" in his life, or additional achievement in the society he lives in.

But what's different about you Jaypee is that the house you dreamed about is old and still from the Spanish era.

That means, you will discover something important by reviewing or looking back on your current and past life. And since you are only 24 years old, you must always "make a diary or journal" that will serve as your guide so that you can "look back at the past and plan to reach your dreams in the future."

Another meaning of your dream "old house during the Spanish era" is as explained above it is "part of the universal "archetypal motif" in which, this scenario was also dreamed by the psychologist Carl Jung who we mentioned above.

He is struggling with "old things, old events and ancient ancient things" because what will happen to him in the "future" is that he will research "about the ancient habits and culture of the people".

And in his research, the works and contributions of Carl Jung in the field of psychology were recognized, in particular he contributed to the psychology of dream interpretation words and wisdom about the "universal unconscious atarchetypal motif" and much more.

You are the same, Jaypee, you have a mission in life, that's why you dreamed of an old house that looks like a house from the Spanish era. In addition to this, you dreamed about it, because currently "you still have something to look forward to and explore in your current career, regardless of your current career or profession".

And once you "unearth, research, improve or explore other undiscovered wisdom or knowledge in your current profession, you will see, the appointed day will come, "you will advance in your field, you will discover new wisdom, you will be admired , you will be happy and rich in the work you are currently doing and when that happens, you can say: "that's why I dreamed of an old house like the Spanish era, it's just as rich and it's also the breadth of knowledge I'll discover that I can contribute to for the development of my family, my race and future generations.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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