DREAM ABOUT on the bus with my boyfriend but I found out that I have no shoes

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Angel's dream about riding a bus, barefoot and her boyfriend gave her slippers.


Dear Yod HVH

Good day. I want to know the meaning of my dream. I left the house, got on the bus with my boyfriend but when I got off he was waiting and I found out that I had nothing on my feet and he handed me a pair of slippers? What does this mean? At first, I always dreamed that "I was running and when I stopped I had nothing on my feet."


In today's time and even in the time when shoes were not invented,  "footwear" is very important, which we now call "sandals, slippers or shoes."

These feet are very important so that we can walk properly and long distances. So that our soles don't get scratched, avoid getting burned in the heat of the sun, and above all, the footwear is our protection against dangers and disasters that will damage our feet.

But sometimes, it's nice to let go. It is said that when you are on your feet, your feet feel more "nature or the world you are walking on". This often happens, we walk barefoot, while you are exercising, where, there are exercises that really require you to be on your feet, and there are sports that also require the same.

In Zen Buddhism especially and meditating walking barefoot, the same is the case with people who are mystics or sanctified and who are on missions or hermitages are usually barefoot. It is a sign of "holiness, purity and non-attachment to material things."

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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That's why in a dream, if you are lying on your feet, it can be said that "there is an aspect of your life that you are missing, you may have forgotten it on purpose or you may have accidentally missed it". But, the beauty of this, currently, because you dreamed Angel "that you have no shoes on your feet", it is clear that in your dream, your unconscious self is showing you, the one thing or the important thing that is "missing in you" so you find yourself barefoot, even though you have a long way to go, because you have already boarded a bus in your dream.

What are you missing that should be incorporated or let's say what are you missing to complete your life?

But, before we answer the said question, we must first explore the meaning of slippers or shoes in a dream.

Remember, because slippers are stepped on and it is also the way we can leave the house and go everywhere, so the dream of slippers means our current situation in life, especially at home, in relationships, in friendship and socializing.

Sometimes the shoes, especially beautiful and loved, also symbolize our career or occupation. So, when you dream of "losing your slippers" it probably means that "you are not satisfied with your current career, so you will look for another source of income or another job."

And in the worst case scenario, "you don't have shoes on your feet in your dream because you are not satisfied or you are not happy with your current life."

In addition, it is also said that when you wear your slippers in your dream and you are happy while wearing them, this is a sign that you are happy in your current life, especially in terms of love, socializing and friendship.

That's why, Angel, in your dream "you have nothing on your feet or no shoes on your feet" this is a sign that currently "some of your friends miss you or some relatives and former close to your life.”

And maybe deep down in your soul right now, you are sad or not really happy, as if your heart is searching for something, so you don't have shoes on your feet in your dream.

Therefore, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear now, Angel:

"I got on the bus with my boyfriend but I found out that I have no shoes", 

means "although you have a goal now or are going" (this means the bus, your goal, desire or dream in life), not you can also reach it because you don't have slippers or shoes on your feet. It means, "you are sad right now and it seems like something is missing in your life despite the fact that apart from having a goal, you are currently doing something, but it seems like something is really missing in your life."

In fact, your dream also answered what is missing in your life right now so that your dreams can come true and you can be happy.

Where, according to your dream "your boyfriend handed you the slipper" which means that you accept the marriage offer of your boyfriend, your personality will be completely complete, you will be more energetic, life will have more direction you and the aforementioned marriage, "you will never again lose the shoes on your feet, even if you run for a long time" - because of marriage for life you will prosper and be happy.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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