Dream about the "SHEEP" grazing on the side of the mountain with green grass

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HINT: In interpreting the "sheep" in the dream, the "family" is always with the "family" because in reality in actual life, the sheep is rarely alone, instead the "sheep are always together in the pasture" See Full..

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Camille's dream about the sheep.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of sheep grazing on the side of the mountain with green grass. The sheep will be fattened and fattened. What does this dream of mine mean?

In the modern interpretation, or in the psychological sense, the sheep can also be you or your relationship with your neighbor. That's why the saying "like a meek sheep" is popular among us Filipinos, which means "you are a kind or good person because of your obedience." 

The sheep is also often used as a symbol of the "flock of Christians" that Jesus takes care of, because according to the Bible, Jesus is "the good shepherd" and we Christians are the sheep he shepherds in fresh water.
So your dream may also be related to your own behavior or the behavior of those who are with you in life.
Reminding, "perhaps you should be more of a good Christian or you are reminded to attend religious activities because you may be missing these things."

Whatever, only one thing is certain, because you dreamed of a sheep instead of a goat, in the next few days, kindness or the kindness of your neighbor, will exist so you will have "healthy" blessings from heaven.
Yes, your dream also means "healthy and many blessings", because like the "sheep grazing", and you said "the sheep will be fattened" this means, "your life will also have healthy and abundant experiences in the coming days.”
And since the sheep graze "on the side of the mountain" that "the side of this mountain has green grass that the sheep eat", the green grass is a sign of the "next new abundances coming to your life or the life of your family."

In interpreting the "sheep" in the dream, the "family" is always with the "family" because in reality in actual life, the sheep is rarely alone, instead the "sheep are always together in the pasture" which is represented of "flock of sheep"Meanwhile, since sheep are also considered "obedient and kind animals" the sheep dream can also mean "there are those who put pressure on you who obey even if it is not your will" or the sheep are the your current situation right now where, "you are submissive to people" which seems like it was said above, "you are a meek sheep.

Meanwhile in the old or traditional interpretation it is said that when the sheep wander and no one is shepherding it is a warning sign that in the following days, you will make wrong decisions or decisions, so you will be the one to blame for the people who perished because of your wrong decision.
But, if the sheep you dreamed of were grazing and healthy like you dreamed, Camille, this is a sign that in the next few days, many blessings and abundance will come to your life, especially in material things.

And if the fat sheep that graze are partner-partner or carried in pairs or together, or the position is cluster-cluster while grazing it is a sign that if you are a young man or a young woman, the moment you marry you will be able to -marry a rich woman or man, and because your spouse is rich, you will take care of businesses and you will grow them and eventually, you will have your own business that will grow and enrich your family as well.

Therefore, if the interpretations mentioned above are linked, the meaning of your dream, "sheep grazing on the side of the mountain" becomes clear, where, "this will be your condition and the condition of your family members ,” – “graze” which means you will have more material abundance in the days to come.

And since "the sheep do not just graze" rather "they graze on the edge of the hill with green grass" this means that "all the graces and abundances you will receive will not simply run out, but overflow and even more increasing as time goes on”. Where, in addition to this, in your dream you also saw "the sheep are healthy" this means that the blessings that will come to your family will not only continue but will remain and this abundance will never run out and your family will enjoy it for life to be inherited by your future children, your grandchildren and your entire clan.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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