Dream about the "SNAKE" she couldn't kill.

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Ana's second dream about the snake she couldn't kill.

Dear Yod HVH,

I'm just asking what my snake dream means. A big snake bit my father. I tried to kill the snake but in my dream I couldn't kill it as if no matter what I hit, it was just the weakness of the snake's shell. He seems to be invulnerable. What does this dream of mine mean?


If the Snake in a dream has an Old or Traditional Meaning, it indicates two things: "Secret enemy or envy."

It means that there are people who are secretly and openly jealous of you, so the snake appeared in your dream. Be careful because at any moment, from the day you dream of the snake, it can bite you. That means they will vilify and destroy you even more.

If you killed the snake in your dream and "crushed its head". This also means that your secret enemies and those who are secretly jealous of you are "done" and "dead" to you. That's why in the next few days, there is no doubt, "you will also be the winner and you will have the last laugh."

But the sad thing is, Ana, you didn't kill the snake in your dream, because it didn't want to fight. That means, the image of people who secretly envy you and secretly destroy you will remain in the shadow of your unconscious mind.

So the advice is, tonight you go to sleep again and the moment you dream of the snake, "make sure you kill it" so that "the people who are your secret enemies and those who envy you will completely disappear from your world.

Meanwhile, since the snake also tempted Eve in the paradise of Eden, so that man sinned, it is also possible that the snake indicates "temptation" or "warning of worldly sin".

"Temptation" in your dream means two things. First: you may be tempted to do immoral or immoral things. And the second: it may be your girlfriend, or your boyfriend or your husband who will be "tempted by the snake". In other words, "a friend or an acquaintance will tease you and you might as well be the one!"

Regardless, if you are based on the Old or Traditional interpretation of the snake, there is only one summary of your dream: "take care of yourself in socializing with people. Don't trust too much and take care of the ones you love."

This means, "don't be tempted or don't cut off the immoral" to keep your family whole and happy for life.

In the Modern Interpretation, or in the psychology approach it is very different. It happened, because the snake is also your own "instinct" related to "sexual drives". This is also the "libido" and this is also the "kundalini" that resides in your person. You dreamed of the snake because currently "there is a strong lust or energy that is struggling in your inner self."

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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If you are a man, your unconscious self currently wants to have sex. But because you haven't done it in your "walking life", the symbol of "sexual drive or sexual energy" appeared in your dream in the form of a snake.

If you are a childless woman, it is possible that you dreamed of a snake, you are "fertile" at the moment, and for you and your husband to have a baby, it is better when you dreamed of a snake, it is effective if you have sex right away- mister immediately, to get you pregnant.

If you are a young woman, and in your dream you will be bitten by a snake, take a moment to remember what we have already discussed that the psychologist Sigmund Freud says that the "snake" is a "phallic symbol." That is, the snake itself is a representation of the "penis" of a man. Remember that the "penis and the snake" do the same thing - they go into the hole and out of the hole.

That means, if you have a boyfriend, your boyfriend is probably asking you to have sex, but you are still refusing. Because of this, (but the truth is that your biological body also wants to taste your boyfriend's penis), it came true in your dream – you dreamed of a fat and big snake.

If you don't have a boyfriend, the snake is an unconscious wish that you want to have a boyfriend and get married.

In other words, if the psychologist Sigmund Freud is to be believed that the interpretation of everything (libido and sex) is pure lust, the snake is "the desire of the unconscious self to have sex."

Meanwhile, the snake has a different meaning if you ask the psychologist Carl Jung, according to the "archetype" we have explained before in our previous articles that we are applying now. In its deeper representation, the snake in your dream is the same snake that is coiled in "medical symbols" such as in the Mercury Drug Store and in other doctors' prescriptions that have a "snake coiled on a branch" drawn. ”

This snake means "healing", that if you are suffering from an illness at the moment, in the next months, especially if you always dream of a snake or you often dream of a snake, your illness will heal on its own and curable. This means that the "snake" is also the representation of "divine healing."

The snake is also a sign that "you will soon be cured" or you will soon be cured of your serious problems in life, so the snake always appears in your dreams. Think carefully, this same snake in your dream is the snake that Yahweh made for Moses, which is written in the Bible that anyone who looks at it is healed. It means that the snake in your dream also means "internal healing or divine healing" of your soul.

And the word "good" doesn't just mean for those who are sick. But "galing" is true skill that in the correct translation in English or Spanish the word "galing" is the same as "Virtue" or "Bertud" - Agimat as it were!

It means that in the near future "you will have a talent, virtue or charm" and you will be able to do whatever you want to do and you will be able to make whatever you dream of in life come true, just like "Moses' staff that became a snake."

So this time, "make a wish" and you will see, "the snake in your dream will come true" at the appointed time provided by fate - what you wished for will happen and come true!

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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