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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Mayette's dream about someone chasing her and every time she is about to catch up in the dream, she suddenly wakes up.

Dear Yod HVH,

He said I was in a dark place behind our house. Picking flowers, then a big man suddenly came out, I was so scared, I dropped the flower, fell to the ground and suddenly fell. I was scared of the man, I ran. He chased me and I ran scared until I saw the bed we used to play with when we were kids, leaning against the wall, I hid behind it. But the person who was chasing me saw me, so just as he was about to grab me, I suddenly woke up. 

And when I woke up I was a little scared because my dream seemed so real.

Why do I always dream of someone chasing my man and the setting is always in the back of our house, in our old house in the province, with a spacious yard? But, our former house and land that I mentioned are gone because they have been sold to our relatives and we rarely go back to the province anymore.


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When the dream is "chasing you" and the place where "the chase" takes place is always "behind your house in the wide yard where you used to play when you were little". This type of dream is definitely connected or related to your past life or past experience that left your memory, in particular a "traumatic experience" that until now although your conscious self has somewhat forgotten, until now it still cannot escape the memory of your "unconscious self" because it is a "sick or bitter memory." It's like a wound, "your personality has a scar or even a wound because of that bitter memory so you always dream of it hidden by your unconscious self in the middle of the symbolic."

What memory is this during your childhood we will answer shortly.

Meanwhile, I just want to clarify what I've written and explained before, but I'll just explain it again now, is this:

Do you think, Mayette, and the others who dreamed of someone chasing him, it was because you were not "caught by someone chasing you" like you dreamed because you suddenly woke up, you will think that the meaning is good, no so?

Because before, when I didn't specialize in interpreting dreams, I thought "while I'm not being caught or overtaken or grabbed by someone chasing me, that has a good meaning - that's what I thought before! But, it's not like that!”

Instead, I studied it carefully, Yes, I studied it very well, what is the meaning of "someone is chasing you in a dream", only then did I realize (yes I really realized, the depth of the word that), but in superficial terms, that's when I realized that it's better if when you dream that someone is "chasing you, grab it or just catch it."

You may ask why is it okay if the person chasing you catches you or grabs you in your dream?

That's how it is!

When you think about your "walking life" or when you are awake, why someone is chasing you, these facts emerge:

First, maybe because you are being chased, the chaser will hurt you or do something to your filth?

Second, maybe you are running and being chased, have you committed a sin or mistake that you want to escape?

Third, maybe you are afraid of someone, that is why you are running and that is why someone is chasing you?

And fourth, maybe you're being chased because the person chasing you is going to give you something, but you mistakenly thought he was going to do something bad to you, so instead of stopping, you ran even faster?

Let's now examine the four situations in our life in the "walking life" why are we running and someone is chasing us?

First, "you're afraid of being hurt in your dream, that's why you're running."

The problem is, in our dream, who do you think would try to hurt you and why would they hurt you?

The real thing is, when you are running in a dream and you are afraid of someone or someone is chasing you, - "you yourself are also chasing you."

An example of this, "you are running away from the event, which you cannot accept that you must face when you dream that someone is chasing you."

And in your dream Mayette, because "the setting of your dream is behind the house" it is a sign of past experiences.

And because "you're picking flowers" what you fear and escape from the past traumatic experience is "related to love, sex or the feelings represented by the flower you were picking that suddenly fell to the ground and fell."

It means "you had a traumatic experience related to sexual or abuse that is still very much alive in your unconscious mind."

That's why you will only lose the dream that someone is chasing you, when this "traumatic experience when you were young" you have vented properly. In other words, you have told someone, maybe a psychologist, a close friend, or you have written in your journal so that this (this terrible experience) can be completely released and completely freed from imprisonment in your unconscious mind.
Confession to a priest can also be done if you are a Catholic, as it has been said, it is also good for releasing repressed traumatic experiences or bitter events that occurred when you were young.

And another way is to "write on a white piece of paper the exact incident you remember when you were young and then, shake the paper, cut it into pieces and then burn it" and while it burns, whisper to the burning paper nine times times this phrase: "The bitter experience I had when I was young is completely erased and disappearing, you will never come back to my memory." 

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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