Dream about walking in the ''PARK'' with my ex-boyfriend

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HINT: In the modern interpretation when you dream of a park, it is a sign that you have currently "temporarily escaped the reality of life." See full...

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Hydee's dream about the park.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that I was walking in the park with my ex-boyfriend. But, we cool off. However, we still talk on Facebook. What does my dream mean? I don't have another boyfriend right now and he doesn't have another girlfriend right now either. Will we ever get back together?

The park is one of the best dream meanings, because usually in the park we relax, take a walk and relax. It's also often for couples or lovers, because it's close to nature, in the park spending time and talking about personal things.

In the modern sense or psychological interpretation when you dream of a park, it is a sign that you have currently "temporarily escaped the reality of life." That is why there will be a big change in the coming days in your inner and outer self. There will be a "total renewal" that will "result in a delicious and joyful change."
The park in the dream is also a sign of meditation or soul-searching. So your dream about your current relationship with your boyfriend that you are "cool off" is exactly right. You are probably walking in the park, both of you wondering what "can happen and happen in your relationship in the next few days?" 

What's even more beautiful about your dream park Hydee, it also indicates that the "conflict" or disturbance that happened in the past will gradually be resolved until it is finally resolved if there is anything that you and your boyfriend fought or disagreed with so you -cool off. It means that your dream in the park that you are walking or taking a walk with him is a clear indication of your "unconscious self" that he already knows what will happen next, where, "probably before Christmas comes, the relationship will be completely rebuilt you and your boyfriend will be even happier and more romantic than before."

Meanwhile in the old or traditional sense it is said that when you dream that you are walking in the park, it is a sign of health and happiness.
Besides health and happiness, when you are walking in the park it is also a sign that you are currently blessed with good, honest and reliable friends.

If you are a businessman and you dream that you are walking in the park, this is a sign that in the next transaction, you will earn a large amount and as time goes on your current business will continue to develop and advance.

For students, the park dream is a sign or assurance that you will finish your studies and if you take the board exam, you will definitely pass. And if you happen to want to further develop your course or field by obtaining a Masteral or Doctorate, it will certainly come true and you will achieve it.

If you are a farmer, this will add to the next harvest. While if you are an OFW or traveling to different countries to work, the dream of a park indicates that the next time you leave, your income will increase.
And for someone like you, Hydee, who is a young woman or let's say "single but you and your boyfriend are just cool off" it is said that "when you dream that you are walking in the park and you are with someone, this person of yours is definitely will be loyal and loving to you.”

 So it's clear what your dream indicates, Hydee, where, "because it turns out that your boyfriend is "cool off" the status of your relationship at the moment, the one you're walking with in the park is a clear indication that you'll get back together again and the moment you get back together, there will be a quick or instant marriage that will lead to a happy and lifelong family life.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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