Dream about white water, house windows, bright lights, mud

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Chenchen's dream about white water, house windows, bright lights, mud and an old wishing well.


Dear Yod HVH,

What does it mean when I dreamed of white water and mud? We moved from the house in my dream, which was very far away, so we got into our rented jeep. And when we passed through some mud, I got down and when I entered the house I looked out the window at the back of the house. 

I saw many lights that were very clear white in color. As far as I know when I looked, we were just behind NLEX because there were a lot of cars outside and there was an old wishing well that was shallow with cloudy and muddy water around it, with plants and vegetables. What does this dream of mine mean, Maestro? I hope you can answer, I really want to know the meaning of my dream so that I can be at peace with my thoughts. Thank you.


The  summary of your dream says, "currently, you are experiencing a mixture of sadness and joy or may also be a mixture of success and failure."

To clear your mind more, let's list now the meaning of the things that floated in your dream while you were sleeping soundly.

First, white water in a dream, or let's say "clear water" is a picture of happy emotions. It means that there will be experiences in your life that will make you happy.

However, the meaning of "mud" in a dream is that there is an obstacle or obstacle in what you plan to do. That's why if you stepped on "mud" in your dream, this is a clear indication that "whatever project you are currently planning, expect or hope that you will not get it quickly." As the saying goes in Bulacan, if you're from the countryside, as the saying goes, "you'll get muddy first before you finally get your goal or ambition in life."

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But the best thing about your dream is that you will definitely get whatever your current ambition or goal is. It happened, because your dream "you are going to move house, you get on a rented jeep and the house you are going to move to is very far away" - is almost the same as the meaning of mud. Where, "besides the fact that it will be difficult for you to achieve your ideals and dreams in life, another problem is that it will take you a long time before you achieve it."

That's why, whatever you are procrastinating, worrying about and intending to do at the moment, "don't expect success to be easy for you" instead, as already said, "expect or prepare yourself before you succeed in whatever goal you have now in life” you will definitely struggle first, before you can taste the sweet taste of success and victory.

Meanwhile, the fact that you looked out the window in the house you moved to means that you are currently "seeing" and what are you seeing, do you know what you are seeing?

"Those lights that are clear white as if NLEX is behind your house" which means that you can currently see your success clearly regardless of your current aspirations in life.

The only case in your dream is when you see an old wishing well with "murky water and mud on the floor" which means "the success and fulfillment of your goals is almost within your reach, but usually you still fail gets stuck and doesn't happen."

As in horse racing, "what happens is a short flag" your winning and your success are not continuous.

But, do you want your victory and your success to continue, no matter what you are busy with, what you are procrastinating at the moment or whatever goal you want to achieve?

Your dream also points to the answer. And this is when you see in your dream the "old wishing well with plants and vegetables around."

Vegetables and plants in a dream are "harvesting of accomplishments and success in purpose."

So that means, in order for your success to continue and you can achieve your goals and ambitions in life, your unconscious self only tells you to do one thing, it says "back to the basic or back to the conservative ways.” That means, "use an attitude or formula in your life right now that is the old-fashioned ways and basic principles of living or the simplest formula" when you do that, things will definitely happen, no matter what your goals and objectives are in life right now, you will certainly not only succeed, but along with clear success you will reap a pure and happy experience for life.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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