Dream about a yellow curtain, washing rice and an orange handkerchief

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Cris's dream about a yellow curtain, washing rice and an orange handkerchief.

Dear Yod HVH,

I hope you can interpret my dream. My dream was at my cousin's house in the province. I saw their window with a new curtain color, yellow. And he told me, he won the "swertres" and he even mentioned the last 2 digits. He won twelve thousand (P12,000), so they fixed their window.

And a few days ago, I had a dream that I was washing rice. I saw a torn orange handkerchief in the rice and took it. What do these dreams of mine mean?


The "window" in the dream means "the way you look at the world, your society, the people you know." It is also an indication of how you fit into the society you live in.

In a dream, it means that good opportunities that you want to happen and fulfill in your life will come from other people. But because the "window" in your dream has a "curtain", there may be good opportunities in your life that you will miss, if you are not "assertive". "Assertive" means "you have a passion for work but are not arrogant."

Meanwhile, the strange thing about your dream is that the window and curtain you saw were in the house of your cousin who won a lottery adventure. What it means: First, you may be missing your female cousin so she appeared in your dream. Second, it could also be that he misses you so he appeared in your dream.

And because you had a happy meeting in your dream, it tells you that "your cousin is in a good condition now, like you, although he has a bit of a problem with money" he is okay and happy in your province right now.

The dream that "your cousin won the lottery or luck or the last 2 digits and the amount won is P12,000", means that in "12 days of two weeks from now" you may meet or have a relationship and this meeting or relationship of yours will be happy and beneficial.

The numbers you saw in your dream, such as "swertres" (3), two digits (2), and 12k (12) you can also try in any kind of adventures within 36 days.

In your second dream, "rice in a dream always indicates luck and abundance". And because you are cooking, or washing rice to eat in your dream, this is a sign that "in the next few days, your needs in life will be met suddenly and immediately. In other words, you will have the right amount of money for your current needs."

While the "handkerchief" in the dream if it is wiped with tears, depending on where you wipe the handkerchief, it is a sign of sadness.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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But if you wipe the handkerchief with sweat, this is a sign that because of your diligence, you will receive a gift or prize from heaven in the next few days with a correspondingly large amount of money.

But, because of your dream, Cris, the torn handkerchief you saw on the rice that was being washed is a clear sign "that in the next few days, (because you removed the torn handkerchief from the rice), there will truly be no obstacle to your advancement or whatever you want to reach or achieve in your life right now, you will definitely get it."

Meanwhile, the meaning of the color yellow in a dream is also like rice, it indicates good fortune because yellow is also the color of "gold". It means that in the next few days, you will have luck or good fortune related to money and material things.

While the meaning of the color orange in a dream is a sign of new enthusiasm, extra energy and the will to succeed.

That's why, Cris, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream, "window and curtain" becomes clear, which means 

"if you expose yourself to society, it means that you will give your the best and you will not leave any reservation on your own ability," 

will definitely happen, "your cousin won the lottery and you saw the color orange and yellow in your dream" - which means great luck and success from other people is you are set to achieve in this year .

Until again,

Yod H V H.

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