I dreamed four times about "LIGHT''

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Marichu's dream about bright surroundings, lined boxes, sandals and curtains.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed four times and it was consecutive days.
My first dream, , "my partner was sitting Buddha-style on the draped curtain and there was so much light around him."
Second, “I entered a room with a very bright white curtain and many boxes lined up.”

My third dream, , "I went to a place that was very bright. While I was walking I saw a white stone and I sat on it. He said I was very happy while misting."

And my fourth dream, , “I was walking in a bright place. The area was going uphill and I met a family. The father and son were negroes and then I saw a dog, his color was gray and white. On the other side I saw my acquaintance, carrying a child with a wound and I was treating it. When I came out, I saw a lot of gold and red sandals and I took my measurements."

 why is it that I have a dream for consecutive days.


When our meditations are deep in our lives and there are important inner self changes taking place, usually, our dreams become frequent and not only frequent, but very vivid.
But the truth is that we always dream, almost every night. It's just that, according to experts, we rarely retain or remember. So, when we wake up, we think we didn't dream.

Meanwhile, when there are many retained dreams in our memory, we tell ourselves that we have always dreamed.

Meanwhile, Marichu, if you carefully read your four dreams one by one, it will be noticed that there is a single pattern that should be emphasized or paid attention to in your dream and it is the "curtain, many rows of boxes, sandals and the very bright scenario." 

For example, in your first dream, "curtains are drawn and the surroundings are very bright".
In your second dream, "there was a white curtain, very bright and many boxes lined up".
In your third dream, "I went to a place that was very bright".
And in your fourth dream, "I was walking in a bright place, many golden and red sandals."

So we can ask now, what does a very bright dream mean?
In the old or traditional interpretation, it is said that when you dream of light. Whether moderate or excessive, this is a sign of wealth and great honor in life, which is about to happen to you.

If you are a businessman it is the same, the dream of light foretells that you will get rich in business and your wealth will be continuous and bright.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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If you are a farmer or planter, dreaming of light is a sign of a plentiful and abundant harvest.
For those who will travel, the dream is light and indicates a fruitful and blessed emigration.
For ordinary workers or employees, dreaming of light is a sign of job promotion and an increase in monthly income.

For students, the dream of light is a sign of high grades, honor or you will be hung with medals because you are very smart and clearly understand the lessons.
In the modern interpretation or in the psychological definition, the light in the dream represents "consciousness or awareness" that what follows this "awareness" is "blissfulness" or inexplicable happiness.
And if the light is around the room it is a sign of "protection" like "halo" or hoyo on the head of the saints and saints.

Also remember if the Bible is based on the first word light in the Bible is found in Genesis 1:3 which says 

"Let there be light!" 

meaning "light" is the first thing God did and it is also a sign of a new beginning towards a better future.
Meanwhile, the curtain in the dream "depicts the difference between hidden and open things" or "access to divine secrets or to the sacred mysteries of life" it is also like your dream that you saw "still sitting -style Buddha”.

Therefore, Marichu, once you match the interpretations presented above, it becomes clear that the meaning of your dreams, "many rows of boxes, sandals, light and curtains" means "within your many thoughts, considering , fear and doubt in the present, you will suddenly discover a mysterious and secret formula for success that will lead you to a lifetime of happiness and abundance.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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