I dreamed that I cut my HAIR but I didn't get the cut I wanted. Instead, it got longer.

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CASE STUDY: Now let's take a look at Nenet's dream about having her hair cut and instead of being cut off, it grew longer.


Dear Yod HVH,

I'm Nenet. I'm just asking what it means when I dreamed that I cut my hair but I didn't get the cut I wanted. Instead, it got longer.


If you have a deep imagination like Me, you can think, what is it for and why is hair placed on a person's body?

In my own knowledge, hair has an important task or assignment to perform, so placed in our body by the Great Creator, where, the main task of hair is to cover or protect the most important part of our body.

For example, hair grows on our head to cover or protect our brain. We all know that the brain is one of the most important human organs.

The inside of the nose also grows hair to serve as a filter for the air or oxygen that enters my body.

The chest is the same, the armpit also grows hair, to cover and protect the inner part of the body which is called the heart.

And the most important of all hair also grows on the sides and on the very surface of our sex organ to cover, hide and protect the penis of a man and the vagina of a woman.

That's why when there is hair that grows on our body, think carefully that it is protecting something important so you should not just shave, cut or pull it out.

That's why when you lose your hair, in our dream it is also a sign that you will also lose an important protection in your life.

That's why if in a dream "your hair increased or grew even more" as you dreamed, Netnet, this is a sign "that what is protected by the hair will grow even more and its function or work will improve."

That's why when in a dream "hair grows on your head, it means that you will become more intelligent and wise as you get older." This also means that in the following days, the ideas and decisions you will make will be right and effective.

Meanwhile, in the Old or Traditional Meaning, when the hair is continuously healthy and long, it is a sign of being healthy and continuously abundant.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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When hair falls out, it is a lack of sexual desire and can also be infertility or a warning of illness.

For those who are married, if you, the wife, dreamed of falling or cut hair, it means your husband's lack of appetite for sex. And if you are the husband who dreamed of falling or cut hair, this is a sign of the wife's unwillingness to have sex.

Anyway, in other words, if you are already married, "hair loss" means "sexual frustration."

Meanwhile, Modern Interpretation or in a psychological sense hair in a dream indicates "energy or unique strength" and can also be said to be "sexual energy" possessed by an individual.

That's why when you dream that you "cut or cut your hair" it is a warning that you may be lethargic or sick in the next few days. And even if you don't get sick, you may be paralyzed and unable to continue your activities because you are not in the condition or you don't have the will to live.

If the psychologist Sigmund Freud is asked, when your hair is cut in a dream it is a sign of "sexual frustration" or "sexual apathy."

However, in your case or in your dream, Nenet, the strange thing is that 

"instead of your hair being cut or shortened, it continued to grow." 

That means, whether you like it or not, you will continue to feel energized and strong in the following days. And this is also a sign of "strong sexual drives or sexual aggressiveness".

And since there is a saying in the English language that "A woman's hair is her crowning glory" your dream that "your hair grows long" also indicates that in the next few days you will be very attractive, your charisma will grow and if you are a young woman or unmarried, in the near future, more and more people will surround you, admire you and be lovers.

If you are old, the "long hair in the dream" says that you will be very healthy and energetic. Your life will be longer and longer and if you want any moment from now, your love life and your sexual life can be as active as the Mayon Volcano.

If you are married and "the hair that grew long in your dream" is a sign that in the next few days, the sexual aspect of your life will be even more stimulated, which will surprise your husband, because you will be passionate and because of this enthusiasm has a warning that you will suddenly become pregnant, that the baby you will conceive will give extra comfort, happiness and luck to your family.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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