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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Ana's dream about a man who was a part of her past that she still dreams about.


Dear Yod HVH,

I have a dream, which I always dream about. I often dream of someone from my past. We have been separated for a long time and I am married. What makes me wonder is that I don't think about him and I don't feel anything for him anymore, but, why does he always and often appear in my dreams?


In the old or traditional interpretation it is said that you dream of the person who used to be a part of your life, because maybe the person who was a part of your past has a problem in the present, so he appears successively and often in your dreams.

If your husband is not jealous, (but of course it's hard to risk this kind of advice, but, it's up to you to decide), maybe it's not too much if you "say hello to the person who used to be part of your past" so that we know , whether he is okay at the moment or not?

After you get to know how he is doing, this may be the way or the beginning so that you won't have to deal with him again.

You can not say hello to him personally, instead, just find out about his condition. After you find out about his condition, this may be the beginning so that you won't dream about him anymore.

Another reason why you dream of him, "probably until now he still likes you so he suddenly enters your dream."

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But, whatever the reason, since you're married now, it's better if you don't rekindle the communication between the two of you, because it might disturb your current family. you with your family?

We asked that part, "Are you and your husband happy right now?" because sometimes, that's why we feel bad for the people we used to be in a relationship with "because we seem to unconsciously miss his presence.".

Apparently, this is what our unconscious self says: "If we were the ones who stayed together and not my current wife, what would be our situation now?" In terms of the question mentioned "is it a question of an unconscious self that is not happy in its current situation?" So you, Ana, can answer the question mentioned above and the reason why you still dream about someone who was part of your past.

Meanwhile, with a sudden look, many believe that you can dream of "the person who became a part of your life because you still like him to this day." That's what happened, until now you continue to be "disturbed by yourself" in your dream.

They even said, "the said man lived in your dream, because in truth you still love him but you just don't want to accept it or you just don't want to admit it!"

And it can also be the opposite, as it was said above, 

"you dream of someone who used to be close to your heart, because he may currently still like you."

Although it seems like that, but the meaning is not that simple when you dream of someone who was part of your past, it is not really him that you miss, but the "situation or incident that you two were together."

And now you will think, "maybe the good thing you two used to do with the man who was a part of your past, is not that good that your current husband is meeting now?"

So, in the correct words, "maybe something is missing in your relationship with your husband, so you dream of a creature that was part of your past?"

If that's the reason, it is necessary to "fill the lack mentioned" so that, when your love with your husband is completed again, Yes, you will not be able to see the said man again who has been a part of your past.

So, Ana, you are lucky. Your dream reveals or openly says "this is the right time for you to further develop and enhance your relationship with your husband. Yes, grow your love and increase the sweet moments you and your husband have" so that your current family will remain strong and happy for life.

When the love between you and your husband flourishes and grows again, you will see, "someday, a being who was part of your past will never visit you again and will never appear in your dreams" because he is forever will die and disappear from your mind”. Because as already said, the relationship between you and your husband has become happy again and has become very satisfied, which is why the result will be the certainty of a happy and forever family.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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