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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Aira's dream about the earthquake, being pregnant and a big tree.


Dear Yod HVH,

Good day. This is my dream. We are on the 4th floor of the building where we work. Suddenly there was an earthquake, the surroundings shook and the things hanging on the wall fell down. My fellow employees and I ran and headed down the stairs. I had a pregnant woman with me, I felt sorry for her so I helped her walk, because she couldn't run anymore. When we were at the bottom of the building, the concrete walls and other debris were almost falling, but we were not hit. Until we got away from the building and saw an open area next to a big tree. 

I laid the pregnant woman there, when she was lying on the side of the big tree, she suddenly went into labor. I'm not a nurse but in my dream I seem to be very skilled at giving birth. So, she easily gave birth to a cute baby girl. I picked up the baby and held it to my chest and then laid it down next to its mother. After a while, many medics and ambulances arrived and took the mother and daughter on board. What does this dream of mine mean?


One of the most negative dreams is about an earthquake, where, in the Old or Traditional Meaning, an earthquake in a dream warns of

big and many problems for anyone who dreams of an earthquake.

If you are a businessman and you see an earthquake in your dream, this is a warning of big losses in any transaction you enter into. So if you dreamed of an earthquake, before making a deal, it's better to spend 90 days first.

An earthquake in a dream also warns of misfortune, separation of family members, anger or quarrels between family and relatives. It is also a sign of misunderstanding, fighting or complete separation of the couple or the lover that will destroy the current relationship forever.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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Meanwhile, it is also said that the dream of an earthquake is a warning of what will actually happen in the future, especially if the dreamer has strong intuition. Dreaming of an earthquake is a warning to all of an impending great war that will shake the earth. And it is also possible because the intuition of the person who dreamed of an earthquake in the coming days is strong, there may indeed be a really strong earthquake that will collapse buildings and cause large cracks in the ground.

According to the Modern Interpretation, or in the psychological sense, the earthquake dream indicates the following:

1. It is a warning of fear and excessive worry. Where, according to psychologists, if you live in an area that has frequent earthquakes, such as in Japan, it is said that "it is a normal situation for you to dream of an earthquake" because "what you are actually experiencing has already incorporated or entered your unconscious mind", so the tendency, it is not impossible that you can dream of earthquakes and earthquakes.

 But if you are not in an area that is prone to frequent earthquakes, the meaning of an earthquake dream may warn of a "sudden" or sudden change inside and outside of your personality that will shake your personality. Whether positive or negative changes will occur, depends on the "ending or end part of your dream."

2. It is also possible that the earthquake dream is "the wish of your unconscious self for destruction". In which case, you dreamed of an "earthquake" unconsciously, you have a serious problem that you want to escape from and the only visible solution of your "unconscious self" ” is that he will completely destroy your surroundings and eventually yourself as well so that the suffering of life or the mind that degrades your personality will end. It seems that you are very hard and it is like "suicide" you want your world to end so you dreamed of an earthquake.

3. Earthquake dreams may also be common according to the American psychologist Cartwright and Lamberg who say, "if you are pregnant and you are close to giving birth, earthquakes and other dreams like an earthquake are it's just typical that pregnant women really struggle."

This means, Aira, the meaning of your dream is becoming clear, "you are in a building" which means that your "profession or career" will present you with a serious problem (earthquake and not just an earthquake, but a strong earthquake because it is damaged concrete walls and falling debris) which means "you will have serious problems in your career or profession or whatever you are doing now."

And as soon as you have a problem, you speed up the action and action (running up the stairs, down,) that no matter how fast you are, in action and action, the weight of your problems continues (down the stairs) but nothing anything, you will be accompanied and saved by a "strange luck" brought by a woman (this is the pregnant woman you walked up the stairs with), where, "because you are with luck and you are naturally of good will, all the problems your career, profession or job will be resolved immediately, with the help of a "woman" and of course you will also suddenly get lucky because of your helpfulness."

Until you yourself give birth to a pregnant woman and after she gives birth, you bring the baby or baby close to your chest and put it aside from its mother.

This is a sign of a very lucky situation (the woman giving birth or the baby who has just been born is very lucky, likewise the big tree on which the woman in labor rests is also a sign of good luck) and since you yourself gave birth to the pregnant woman, as it has been said, "the luck and blessings that destiny will give you are from heaven itself". 

So what this means is that all your problems in career, profession and work will be converted into so many blessings and good fortunes that you will hardly believe because you will not have to suffer for it, but it will be given to you by heaven , and these lucks are also related to money, promotion, wealth and happy feelings, all of which will happen, (4th floor building where you work) – will happen and come four years from now or four years from now

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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