In My DREAM, I found my favorite "SHOES" in the scattered Place

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Queenry's dream about shoes, her former crush and the castle.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that my shoes were all scattered. However, my favorite shoes were found and I got them again. I said I found that shoe match quickly. In my dream I was happy.

Case in point, my ex-crush always comes in and interjects in my dreams, then when he interjects he is always with his wife. I had a big crush on that high school crush, but not anymore. Because I'm familiar with him and I'm very moved on by him because he didn't date me either.

After I found my shoes I was very happy in my dream like I was a rich man. My clothes are very beautiful and I am very well in that dream. I'm in another country. In reality, I'm already in another country, but in my dream I'm still in another country and with me in my dream is my male cousin who I went with to pick up my pair of shoes.

While we were both smiling in the dream, we were going to where we live. I only saw a little bit of it in my dream, but our destination residence looked like a castle. After that I woke up.


 The "castle" in your dream could be "your home or your family here in the Country you live in and it could also be what will happen to your family in the future" especially since you mentioned that you are currently abroad.

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You said in your dream, 

"While we were both smiling in the dream, we were going to where we live. I only saw a little of it in my dream, but our destination residence looks like a castle."

That means, it's very clear, that's why you dreamed of a "castle" with your "cousin man, both of you are still smiling in your dream, it's because you miss your family and relatives here in the Philippines and for sure that's why your dream is like that, apart from the fact that you already miss your loved ones in the Philippines, it's because at the moment "it's still far or it will take a long time before you can come home to our country" that's why "given ease or relief by Be unconscionable to yourself so you don't get too homesick or sad and depressed while you're overseas."

Meanwhile, in the traditional or old-fashioned sense because shoes are used for walking to leave the house. The difference between shoes and slippers is that with slippers, you will only go close, but when you wear shoes, you will definitely go far, so it is said that when you dream of shoes, it is a sign of a long and prosperous journey. It will happen like that, if your shoes are new and beautiful in your dream, this is a sign of many, successive and back-and-forth emigration.

If you dreamed that you were 

"looking for shoes" 

as in your dream, Queenry, this means that "you are looking for shoes, because right now you are dreaming of a change in your life or your career". Apparently, you are not satisfied with your current situation in life, so you are "looking for shoes." This also means that you are dreaming of progressing further to change the current course of your life.

But, what's different about your dream, Queenry, is that you said, 

“My shoes are all scattered. However, I found my favorite shoes and got them back. I said I found that shoe match quickly. So in my dream I was happy."

That means, if you are a typical OFW, it is true that "you are now bored abroad and want to go back to your old life" the case is not possible, "because your other shoes are scattered" you know you can't immediately go back to your previous career or what you did, because currently "you have a lot to think about, appreciate, take into account and prioritize in life", that's why another meaning of "scattered shoes your mind is confused right now in terms of career and in terms of future, as if you are asking yourself "what will happen to my future?"

But, the most beautiful thing about your dream, 

"because you actually found your favorite shoes" 

surely in the end, "when you come home to the Philippines and you have done well, there is a promise of a prosperous, and happy return to our country with your family.”

Meanwhile, what is the meaning of "inserting your ex-crush in your dream that his wife is always with him?"

This is a sign that right now "you are not satisfied with the current status of your family or let's just say "you are not 100% happy right now" that is why "your ex-crush is still intruding on your dreams", as if what your unconscious self really wants to say but can't pronounce in walking life or in real life is this: "What would be the situation of my life right now if I married my ex-crush, maybe it would be happier!"

However, despite the fact that you are not 100% satisfied with your current family, a situation like this appeared in your dream, "After I found my shoes, I was very happy in my dream as if I was a rich man. My clothes are very beautiful and I am very well in that dream of mine." Which means that currently you are trying to achieve an elevated lifestyle so that you can give your family a delicious and happy life.

The question now is this: "Will you be able to give your family a prosperous and happy future?"

The answer is positive. Because according to the last part of your dream, it says this: "While we were both smiling in the dream, we were going to where we live. I only saw a little bit of it in my dream, but our destination looks like a castle."

It means "destination" which although you are not in the "castle home" yet but "almost there" or you are almost on your way to the "castle-like home" which indicates a rich and very happy family that is destined to happen and is sure to happen in the near future.”

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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