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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Connie's dream about the bed.

Dear Yod HVH,

December 8, 1992 is my birthday. I've been applying abroad for a long time, the problem is that I still haven't been able to leave even though I only applied in 2017. The agency doesn't call me. I would like to know if this year of 2018 will I be able to go abroad? And then I have a dream that's why I consulted you, I also want to know the meaning of bed or soft bed. 

In my dream, someone delivered a soft bed to us and said it went straight to my room. It's just that the bed is still missing, or there are parts that aren't ready yet, like the top fabric, so in my dream, I said I finished sewing it and when I finished, I said that the bed I made was beautiful soft Is my dream bed related to my current application abroad?

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It's good that you also included your complete birthday in your question.

You know, when a person's birth date is 8, (they also have birth dates of 17 and 26), their fate is almost like that, similar to what you are currently experiencing, success is "not easy to get" for them . Apparently, before they can finally succeed and be happy in life, they will have to go through a lot of trials and tribulations.

Just like when you apply abroad, really in the beginning, you will have difficulties, or let's say many problems. Such things happen to "eight people" like you because fate stabilizes and strengthens them.

You may ask, "why does fate stabilize or strengthen people who are eight?" The answer is simple: "Destiny strengthens and stabilizes the personality of people who are eight, because they have a big mission to fulfill in their lives, especially in their family and their relatives."

You will see that once you have gone abroad and overcome all the obstacles and trials that fate will throw at you, you will continue to grow exponentially until you become rich.

And there will come a time when your family will expect you. Yes, almost all your siblings, nephews, relatives and even your aging parents will depend on you.

That's your destiny, "to get richer and richer so that when you are rich, as if in a giant tree, you were destined to be like that, so that the birds and other animals will be on your leafy branches and leaves tomorrow! ”

Meanwhile, I'm sorry that our discussion on your fate took too long, Connie, because that's another one of  my expertise, to "interpret birth dates through numbers to find out a person's destiny ”.

Well, let's go back to your bed dream, according to the old or traditional interpretation, it is said that when you dream of a bed and you are not married, it indicates "early marriage".

If you sit on the bed and it happens that the soft bed is for the couple it is a sign that in the near future, as it was said that you will suddenly get married.

It is also said that "the bed is being made or you are the maker of the bed" this is a sign that you will leave your home and if you make the bed as well as you dreamed, Connie, you will be productive and prosperous when you go to a distant place or another country.

Meanwhile, in the psychological interpretation, it is said that the dream bed or bed is also yourself or your inner self, how you adjust or give life to your current experience.

In your dream, someone 

"delivered a bed, which is a bit broken or incomplete or has a broken part", 

meaning it is you, you are the bed. You will be thinking now, that's why you haven't been abroad yet, there is something lacking in your character or yourself. But the most beautiful thing about your dream, "when the bed arrived at your house or in your room was a bit broken, you finished or sewed it". 

This means that in the near future, you will be able to improve and improve your own skills and talent after your dream, after you have made the 

"damaged or unfinished bed, it is said that it is beautiful that you have made a soft bed". 

That is, after you train yourself, strengthen and develop, you will develop a very good personality, which will lead you to a great success and happiness, not only in the material or career aspects, but also in terms of love, marriage and raising a family.

In other words, Connie, if you match the interpretations presented, the meaning of your dream becomes clear, 

"someone delivered a soft bed" 

which means "opportunity to go abroad or get married" . But because of your dream that 

"the bed is still missing, or there are parts that are not yet ready, such as the top cloth," 

which means that "you are not ready for going abroad or getting married" so what you did according to your dream was "I finished sewing it and when I finished, it was beautiful what I had done on the soft bed." Which means that your shortcomings in going abroad or your shortcomings in yourself will try to develop and refine or improve even more that you can do at present, so after you do: What was the result according to your dream ? 

"It's said that I did a good job on the soft bed." 

It means, "you will be able to go abroad, a rich and fruitful emigration will take place in the near future, and after this abroad, you will be able to get married and the aforementioned marriage will also be like a rich and fruitful marriage. -abroad will be prosperous and happy for life.”

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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