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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Juls' dream about the jewelry digger.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day. I have two dreams that I would like you to interpret.

First, I was still young when I had a dream that I was under our house and I almost looked like I was sitting. In my dream while I was sitting digging my right hand was on the ground digging for jewelry. My left hand is full of dirt and dangling jewelry, necklaces, earrings and rings, it doesn't fall even though it's full and I hold so many jewelry in my left hand that it doesn't even fall I'm still in a good mood.

My second dream is that I am a young woman. Outside our house or place there is a big kaimito tree. He said that I was there between a big root, just like in my dream when I was a child, my right hand was digging, while my left hand was full of soil and disciples that would not be thrown away, even if full- My hand is full and I'm still in a good mood. Someone even approached me next to our house and said, "What am I doing?" My answer was "Here they are digging up jewelry!"

Since then, I have not had this dream again, but it has remained a puzzle to me until now. So I hope you can answer to clarify my long confused mind about the meaning of these dreams.


In the old or traditional sense, jewelry in a dream

portends a positive event. If in your dream someone gave you jewelry, it is a sign that in the next few days you will count the blessings that will come one after another that you did not expect.

If you are a married woman, jewelry in a dream also indicates that you will have healthy, intelligent and successful children especially in material things.

In addition to this, if you really always or often dream of jewelry, it also indicates that you will soon become rich and in the next few years, the word that you will soon become rich will happen and come true.

That's why, Juls, in your dream "you are digging for jewelry and your hand is dirty because of the earth", this indicates that 

"you will be very rich, and your wealth will not be wasted or run out, that's all before this happens, "the one who digs" means that you will suffer a lot and you will work very hard and you will really work hard "so that you may become rich."

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The most beautiful thing about your dream is that "while you are working hard and working hard now, your unconscious self has already announced what will happen in the future - that's when you will become very rich and become really rich".

Meanwhile, in a modern sense or psychological interpretation, jewelry in a dream is itself a symbol of your social status.

When you dream that you are wearing jewelry, it is a sign that the day will come when you will be famous and your deeds will also be famous. You will be recognized in the society you live in and you will receive recognitions and awards.

The problem with your dream Juls "you are sitting and it seems like a lot of trouble while digging up jewelry and you will notice that your hands are dirty because there is a mixture of jewelry and soil in your left hand."

That means, your life situation is difficult right now, but once you work hard and persevere, there is no reason why you can't get rich and prosper.

That's why, Juls, if you match the interpretations presented above, it becomes clear that the meaning of your dream "my right hand is digging for jewels. My left hand is full of dirt and dangling jewelry, necklaces, earrings and rings, it doesn't fall even when it's full and I hold so many jewelry in my left hand that it doesn't fall even though I'm in the same mood."

That means, there will come a time when "you will earn a living, work hard and strive to improve, while you strive to improve, you will continue to save and save, you will not move your savings, it will increase more and more and in the end, you don't even realize it, you are already very rich, and your acquaintances and friends will see you and they will greatly admire you because of your delicious, very rich and very luxurious lifestyle."

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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