Often dream of ''ANGEL'' but in different places and at different times

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 HINT: For those who are single, or don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet, the dream angel says that with the help of your friends,....

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Carol's dream about Angels.

Dear Yod HVH,

I often dream of angels but in different places and at different times. When I was abroad I dreamed of an angel twice. The first one, he was sleeping next to me, but, he wasn't lying down just sitting next to me. My second dream of an angel was that I was picking vegetables and an angel with beautiful wings accompanied me. When I got back to the Philippines, I dreamed of angels again. There are so many angels around me and wherever I go they are there too. Next to me but I'm the only one who can see. Other people don't see them.

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In the old or traditional interpretation, it is considered one of the most fortunate to dream of angels or angels.

It is said that this has a very beautiful and happy meaning, an example of this is if in your dream you are with angels like you dreamed, Carol. This indicates that you will have loyal and kind friends and supporters who will always help you no matter the situation and will never leave you. And because you have kind, good and loving friends, you can be sure that the grace of peace, abundance and happiness will always be with you, no matter where fate takes you. 

If you are already married, the dream of angels is a sign that you will have relatives, maybe your blood relatives and maybe even your "in-laws" relatives, who will always be kind to you and whatever you do and ambition, these relatives will support and always support you.
And if you are married and then you dream of "two angels with wings and flying in the air or in the air" this is a clear indication that you will have "two children at the same time or twins."

For those who are single, or don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet, the dream angel says that with the help of your friends, you will have a boyfriend and if you follow the "advice" of these friends, the relationship you will enter is sure to be will be happy and forever, leading to a rich and lifelong family.

  • Meanwhile in the modern interpretation or in the psychological sense because "angels are the common messengers of God's message to man" it is said that the angel dream indicates that "you will discover wisdom or a unique wisdom and when you implement this wisdom which you discover, you will certainly prosper, have many bounties in life and be happy.” In other words, whatever wisdom you discover in the present, it will bring you great and many blessings from God himself.

In addition to this, it is also said "Angels represent invisible energy forces at work, which have become temporarily visible in dream, therefore, unconscious material coming into consciousness." That is, if you dreamed of an angel or angels, this is an indication that "there is a strong energy that is disappearing within your personality that at this moment you use for good, you will achieve great success and progress." So if, for example, you dreamed of an angel or angels today, you are thinking about a project that you should do immediately, because it will surely succeed and be fulfilled.

It is also possible that the dream of an angel  is related to the spiritual side of your personality. This reminds that you may be forgetting things related to religion or God so angels appear to you in your dreams. That is, this is a reminder to develop your relationship with God again and to intensify helping others and those in need.


Often dream of ''ANGEL'' but in different places and at different times

  • "Angels represent invisible energy forces at work, which have become temporarily visible in dream, therefore, [....]

The Secret of your DREAM about Jesus, Angel and Light

  • What does "   in the dream" mean? It's simple! Where, the   is not only "messenger of God" but he is also often sent by God to people, to save people [....]

I see the two angels in our window in my DREAM 
  • Angels come down to earth, but you know, more often, they have two angels and they can be said to be partners, but sometimes they go to the world for people. [...]

In the Bible, one of the most frequent dreams of characters like Jacob, Abraham, Joseph and others is God's angels appearing directly to them to warn them or bring them a very good message.

So when you dream of an angel or angels it is a sign that you will receive good news, which will be followed immediately by a good event that will come from God himself. It means that there will be great blessings that you did not expect. Instead, it was given to you, because you are a good person and these blessings will serve as your most prize or your own gift from God.

 That's why as soon as the interpretations presented are matched, it becomes clear that the meaning of your dream "angel and angels who watch over you and always show you Carol", this is a sign "that apart from the fact that you are being protected by the very power of God in every moment of your life, your dream angels also reveal in the next days or in the next years, whatever blessings you are receiving now will definitely be doubled and more and more.”

 That's why the advice is, as your wealth grows and increases, you should distribute it to others, especially to the unfortunate and those who are poor and have nothing to hope for in life. With that attitude, as you grow older, you will continue to "dream of angels" a sign that you will never suffer, God will always be with you and as long as you live, you will always be blessed with more luck and good fortune.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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