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CASE STUDY: Let's look at the dream of Mrs. Middle East about the car, and small snakes.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that I was riding with my husband in a car. I saw a small snake inside, then when I turned around, there were also snakes on the roof of the car. People are watching. Suddenly a piece of the snake's body came out of my mouth. 

I removed my socks and it turned out that I was bitten on my left foot and the bitten part turned black. I took out my cellphone and saw the picture of my father with a bandage and a broken right leg next to my mother and my eldest son. What does this dream of mine mean? 


When you saw your father and mother with your first child in your dream, it is a clear indication that at present, you miss them very much and you are very worried about them.

So, that scene in your dream simply indicates, where, your unconscious self reminds you that if you are far away from your parents and your eldest child, you should call and talk to them more often so that ease your longing for your loved ones.

Meanwhile, in general and suddenly Mrs. Middle East, your dream is quite scary that there are many snakes, you were bitten by a snake, you blacked out and you even saw your father with a bandage and a broken leg.

And if in the movie or film your dream is like a "horror movie" where it is said that it is often dreamed, (scary dreams), it is likely that you are currently going through a stage or stage of your life that you are very sad or become depressed, especially if these scary dreams are "series" or "you keep dreaming."

Another reason for "horror dreams" is that you are probably currently very afraid of your current situation. You are also afraid of a big change that may take place in your life in the next few years, that this change seems to be beyond your control.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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And as already said, it only means one thing when we dream of scary things and it says "there is a big problem right now that you don't know how to solve or you have a big fear that you don't know if what will this problem of yours bring home in the next days, months or years."

In particular because "small snakes" and "you dreamed of your own husband", meaning "snake is related to betrayal or betrayal and may also be related to a relationship or a sexual affair that has already taken place or you fear might happen."

In order to completely and permanently disappear these fears that continue to inhabit your unconscious self, you need to make a "daily journal or diary". In said diary, write all the content of your mind and feelings, so that you can gradually unload your "secret fears and current worries in life." It is good to start making a diary especially as the Year begins.

Meanwhile, you may ask, what is the relationship with your dream "that you saw your father with a bandage and a broken leg with your mother?"

Your father happened to appear in your dream because your unconscious self knows that he may be the one who can help you with your problems and fears at the moment. The problem of "your father appeared in your dream, instead of helping, he still has a bandage and a broken leg, which means he can't do anything, instead he can be a burden."

But because "your mother is happy and healthy in your dream" then this is an indication "no matter what your current problem is, your mother can help you a lot with your problems so you should talk and talk more often to him."

Meanwhile, whatever the situation may be in the future, the advice is as stated above: "the little snakes that came out of the car you and your husband are driving will disappear" if you start keeping a diary or a diary of events in your life and contents of your mind and feelings.

You hope Mrs. Middle East, if you have a diary regularly every day and you fill it up regularly, what will definitely happen, your "horror dreams" will disappear while you sleep.

The next time you sleep, you will be able to sleep and the next morning when you wake up, your heart and mind will be fresh, at the same time, one by one, your heavy problems and problems at the moment will be removed.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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