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WITH  CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Jhulieth's dream about the one with red hair who was praised by the trio.

Dear Yod HVH,

I had a dream last night. There were three ales I didn't know, who complimented my hair. They said my hair was shiny, greasy and a bit reddish. But in real life, the color and fiber of my hair is not that beautiful, but my hair is really long. What does this dream of mine mean?


In a quick interpretation, remember that when you dream of hair and the hair is healthy and does not fall out and is not cut, but as already said, beautiful and healthy hair in a dream, it symbolizes strength, abundance, money and wealth.

In the old or traditional interpretation when the hair is healthy and long, it is a sign of the healthiness of your body and your lifestyle.

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In the sexual aspect, dreaming of hair is a sign of sexual excitement and a high level of libido. In addition to this, hair in a dream is also a sign of continued abundance in life, especially in material things.

In general, healthy, beautiful and lush hair in a dream always indicates "physical strength, power and energy" and is also related to "beauty and sexual prowess."

Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation or in the psychological sense, the meaning is almost the same as the old meaning: it is said that the meaning of hair is "energy, power, or strange or extraordinary strength."

It is also said that because "hair is on the head or growing on the head, it also serves to protect the brain" so it also indicates intelligence, decision-making efficiency and being efficient in running the economy.

What is different about your dream, Jhulieth, is that "there were three ales who praised your hair" which means "in your current life, there are many people who admire you, you may be getting rich right now or your status will continue to rise livelihood.”

Progress in life is also indicated by "shiny and smooth hair" where, apart from a prosperous lifestyle, you are currently also at the "peak or prime" of your life, so to speak, probably so "shiny and your hair is slippery” you are a success so far people think of you.

While "red hair is one of the most auspicious dreams" because it indicates "the arrival of many more money or cash in your treasury". Well, as it has been said, as time goes on, you will get richer and richer.

But, there is a question left in your dream, where, the question is this: "who are the three mature girl who complimented your hair and why are they three?"

The meaning of "three mature girl that you don't know," as you progress and become rich, "because red hair also means anger and envy" currently "there are "mature girl" or there are people who are secretly and openly envious of you, but because "your hair is really long and healthy" even if they are envious and even if the whole Barangay is envious of you, your livelihood will continue to grow and your the arrival of luck and good fortune in your life.

Another question you can ask in your dream is “the number three?” The number three means "three years from now, people who envy and intrigue you can't do anything, you will continue to get rich, so they will secretly envy you even more but the good news is, "because your hair is really beautiful "while you are being envied, you keep getting richer and richer!"

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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