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CASE STUDY : Now let's look at Nikki's dream about the dancer.

Dear Yod HVH,

I had a dream last night that I was dancing with a guy I don't know. My dream is like JS Prom. Then it's beautiful, the dance floor is colorful and decorated with lots of decorations. I hope you can interpret this dream of mine. Thank you.

In the old or traditional interpretation it is said "a very beautiful dream when you dream that you are dancing." This is a sign that you will receive a great honor. And it's not just honor, but the honor you will receive includes material blessings and emotional satisfaction.
If you are planning something or have a project right now that you can't start, you can start it and not only can you start it, you will finish it properly and successfully.

If you are a businessman, the dream that you are dancing is a sign that in the next few days, you will make a large amount of money that you did not work hard for. And the money you will receive will bring you so much happiness.

If you are a regular employee or worker. Besides the promotion, you will have an additional increase in your salary and your take-home income will also increase.
If you are a student, the dream that you are dancing is a sign that you will receive high marks in your subjects and apart from high marks, if you have a crush at your school, you will discover that he also has a crush on you and eventually, a healthy and happy relationship will develop. 

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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For lovers, the dream that you are dancing if you are a man, is a sign that the beautiful and unusual woman you are courting will answer you that she is the one you will marry. That means, "the woman you really want to be with you in building a happy and forever family."
And if you are still a young woman and you dream that you are happily dancing, it means that the man you will marry is the man you really like and love very much.

And if you are a politician, and you dreamed that you were dancing, this is a guarantee or certainty that when you run for office again, you will win, even by a landslide.
Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation or in the psychological sense, it means deeply that you are dancing in the dream.

First of all, when you dance in your dream, according to the psychologist, Sigmund Freud, you express the inner drives or libido that is inside your personality. While you dance, you "naire-release" the said sexual pressure smoothly, where, it is also a sign that you have "so much energy at the moment", that if you can use it for "a purpose" surely you will succeed and be happy.

So, ask yourself Nikki, “What do you want to do or achieve right now in your life?” Do it and it will surely come true, Yes, you will surely succeed.

The second meaning of a dancing dream is "celebration". It means that your unconscious self is showing you what will happen next, where there will be a big celebration.

And do you know why there is a "celebration"? Probably someone "succeeded or someone was happy" . Like wedding, birthday, graduation and so on. So in the near future, "there will be a great celebration of your life and you will be rich and happy so that you will dance for joy, and this dance will be called" - dance of life.

And the third meaning of the dancing dream is the historical-cultural interpretation, where did dancing begin? Why do people dance that we just inherited from our ancient ancestors?
The answer: Our ancestors danced in ancient times because they were asking for a favor from God. That's why dance is a kind of powerful "ritual or invocation" to fulfill our dreams, wishes and ambitions in life.

That's why, Nikki, if you match the interpretations presented, it is now clear what your dream indicates, "I danced with a guy I don't know" This means, you will receive a great deal of luck that you did not expect and did not that can also explain how and where it started.

While "I'm beautiful and colorful and decorated around and on the dance floor". That is, – is this your current life or what will happen in the future, "after you receive the great luck or good fortune from heaven, your life will be very beautiful, it will be colorful, not just success will bring you suddenly luck will soon come, but you will be very happy swinging like you have never experienced in your real life.

And of course, Nikki, when the fulfillment of your dreams has happened to you, you have nothing to do but thank the above by helping your neighbor, your acquaintances and the people who are in dire need. Only in that way, the luck you received will remain in your experience and as time goes on will increase more and more until you can dance again - "the dance of abundance and good fortune forever."

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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