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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Kim's dream about the jumper.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that I was in the living room of this house. Then I jumped up and down until there was a yard. After I was in the yard, I was still jumping after jumping until I got out of the road, I was still jumping after jumping. What does this dream of mine mean?



Usually in real life or in walking life when you jump you "want to reach for something higher" and because you can't get it with "simple reach, you'll miss it now and if you still can't reach it, the tendency you will beat it.”

This means, that's why you dreamed that you were falling down, maybe in your current life you want to "reach or reach that you haven't achieved yet" that's why while you sleep your "unconscious self" is falling down .

Another reason for jumping in walking life or when a person is awake, is where, you just walk slowly, then, because you are in a hurry, you run, and if you still can't catch it, you will jump.

Similar to the explanation above, "maybe you are jumping in your dream, you have something you want to reach or achieve that you are so excited about and want to get it" and because you are jumping in your dream from your house, to in the yard to the road, this is a positive indication that in the near future, "that thing you've been dying to achieve, you'll be able to jump and grab your dreams or whatever ambitions you currently have in life that you want to achieve .”

Meanwhile, the traditional or old-fashioned meaning of "jumping is that you are arguing with someone" it is said that jumping in a dream "means obstacles and obstacles in your life that you will currently encounter." But because you "jump without stopping in your dream" these obstacles and obstacles to your goal, as long as you continue to work hard and work hard, you will "continue to overcome or overcome them in the next days and months" until you finally prevail and succeed.”

In love, if you are a young man or a young woman, it is said that "when you dream that you are jumping, it is an indication that you have a "sweetheart" or girlfriend who is very sweet and very exciting and jealous of your current relationship, because really you care for each other. The only problem is, your boyfriend's parents or your own parents may be an obstacle to your love. And because of your dream, Kim, you are "jumping and jumping" there may be many obstacles and you are jealous of your relationship with your boyfriend.

In the modern and psychological interpretation, jumping in a dream means "taking a risk" or at the moment you are jumping, you are "taking a risk" with two implications of taking a risk. Your soul and spirit may be "excited" or pleased as you make the jump or you may be "feared or nervous" in your current situation.

But in your dream, Kim, it's like you're happy with the jump you're making. Since you said that your jump started in the dream at home, you reached your yard and eventually you reached the road, which means that you "may be happy and excited" doing the jump. If that is the situation in your dream, it is a sign that in the next few days, "there will be a big challenge that will bring changes in your life that will please you, not only in your feelings but in your spirit." It means that the change that will come will not only bring you joy but also the core of joy and even your soul will really be happy with the said change or the said challenge in your life that fate will lay out for you.

In addition, it is also said that jumping, if you remember the jump done by former President Ramos during EDSA People Power I, also indicates "freedom and great happiness" in a situation you have overcome.

That's why if we relate to your dream, Kim, the interpretations mentioned above, the correct meaning of your dream becomes clear: "I was falling in the living room of our house. Then I jumped up and down until there was a yard. After I was in the yard, I kept jumping until I got out of the road, I kept jumping."

That means, regardless of your current situation, you will have a new challenge and this challenge or challenges in your life will lead to your liberation, and not just liberation, you will win over all the obstacles that will hinder your path until achieve your dream that will bring you not just simple happiness, but extreme happiness.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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