There was a big "FIRE" that I was trying to put out in my DREAM

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Jeany's dream about the big fire.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good morning. First time I dreamed of fire. My dream was that there was a big fire that I was trying to put out. I was very scared and suddenly I woke up.


We use fire to cook and it helps to make our food taste good and kill the germs in what we eat. That is, at a glance the meaning of fire is good and beautiful.

Fire is also one of the four main elements or elements that make up the world and every living thing such as water, air and earth.

Because of this, it can be interpreted positively, when you dream of fire, it indicates a strong energy or power that your unconscious self shows you while you sleep.

The only problem with your dream, Jeany, is that you were afraid of fire, because usually in real life, fire also has destructive power.

Yes, the fire helps to keep us warm during the winter, when the fire gets too hot, it creates a big fire.

Fire is also said to be the cause of temptation for married couples. Fire is also related to sexual and forbidden relationships, where it is popular to use the saying "the husband or wife is playing with fire", which means ""hitting or hitting the married person!"

Meanwhile, in the old or traditional sense, fire in a dream indicates a warm friendship or a warm relationship that will come in the next few days.

In fact, there is a saying in the English language about fire related to romance, such as "an old flame" which means "past romances or relationships".

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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Some also say "my new flame" which means "the current romance or relationship."

And there is also something called “eternal flame”, which means “fire that never dies–death or temptation that has been experienced before and returns again” and can also be a meaningful relationship that will lead to a very delicious and very hot romance that you will experience in the near future .

Meanwhile, since fire is related to heat, it also indicates the "peak moment" of your emotions, and physical body. So at this time it would be better for you to launch or do pending tasks or tasks that you have been planning to do. Now, you can definitely finish or accomplish any of these tasks no matter how difficult.

The fire is also a sign of "appetite to continue" because we also have a saying "I'm feeling hot" which means that in the next few days, your energy will be pumped up, so that you will enjoy life even more. So whatever you plan to do in the next few days, these activities will give you a lot of income.

If a modern or psychological interpretation is asked, according to psychologist Carl Jung, it is said that "if you are currently doing a spiritual retreat, meditating or reflecting on your life, the fire in the dream is a "symbol or transformation” or “psychic energy” that will eventually lead your conscious self to what is called “enlightenment” – sudden enlightenment.”

 For the psychologist Sigmund Freud as according to his book The Interpretation of Dreams, fire is a "phallic symbol", meaning it is related to sex and lust. Fire symbolizes intense lust in your dream, libido or sexual energy that you cannot release in your "waking life" which is why the fire appeared in your dream. Because of this, it is possible that in the next few days you will enter into a relationship that will produce complicated love and "hot domination" that if you "continue to be crossed" and if you do not avoid and do not apply discipline, you will definitely fall into a relationship. strange "sexual affairs" or in a "flaming and delicious sex" that will really make you sweat a lot because of the taste and heat of your domination.

But if you are old and have no appetite for sex and are no longer interested in falling in love or being in love, it is said that although fire is related to "sexual prowess" and "sexual energy", psychologists also wonder why according to the record, there are more cases of women who are close to "menopause" or no longer menstruating often dream of fire compared to women who are still menstruating." It means that the fire in your dream is a warning that in the near future you may go through menopause.

Your dream is short, Jeany, so we can't fully grasp the exact meaning of your dream, that's why you should consider these questions:

  • Where is the big fire? 
  • Is it inside your house and consuming your house? 
  • Or is the big fire outside your house or in a large yard?
  • How big is the fire? Is this a giant fire like when there are houses on fire?

However, "because you are so afraid of your dream", it is probably a "warning that there will be a temptation or danger," but you may also have a great luck, but because you are afraid to take risks or risk the great luck upcoming mentioned may be lost or you will not be able to taste it.

That's why, Jeany, it can be said that your dream also indicates that "whatever opportunity comes to your life , grab it right away, because the fire in your dream also tells you if you will always have the courage and strength of heart, you will have great success, luck and good fortune.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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