This is WHY ''CELLPHONE'' is A Phallic Symbol in Dream

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Ecyl's dream about the cell phone that contains her naked picture.


Dear Yod HVH,

I just want to ask what the meaning of my dream is. In my dream there was a cell phone. On this cell phone, I have photos and I'm naked. This was taken by my male classmate/thesismate. He owns the cell phone used to take my photos. In my dream, I wasn't mad at him because I liked him too. There is also a hint in my dream that we have a secret relationship with each other because I always hold his cell phone.

Then, all of a sudden, my dream went to a gathering. I was with my close friends and when the gathering was over, the speaker suddenly got angry with me because he said why didn't I surrender the cell phone. He confiscates all the cell phones of those attending the said gathering. When I gave the cellphone, my personal information was asked, but, I remembered that the cellphone was not mine but my classmate/thesismate who was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs to pick me up. And I called him to fill-up his information.

Then we went home to a house. I don't know whose house it is, but there is a child who I estimate is only one year old. I picked up the child and held him crying. The classmate/thesismate helped me and I feel the boy has a connection with us.

Then we talked about the nude pictures in his gallery that I told him to make private so only we could see them and he said "Yes, our pictures are now private!" And when I looked at the pictures again, there was this image of us together naked and lying on the sofa hugging each other. And that's where my dream ended, Maestro.

I'm just wondering, why are we so close to this man in my dream? Think, Maestro, I was able to show him my naked body but we don't have a relationship in real life? And one more thing, I don't feel anything for him either. Besides, I also have a boyfriend whom I love very much.

So Maestro, I want you to answer the mystery and meaning of this dream of mine? Thank you!



If you have a boyfriend now, deep inside, you are definitely not very happy. But, this “truth” you will not admit or you may deny!”

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It happened, because "our dreams are not an expression of the conscious self but rather an expression of the unconscious self." Then I will explain what is the difference between "ni conscious self and ni unconscious self".

By the way, it seems that a part of the character or personality of your current boyfriend was also shown in your dream.

And this is the scene or he is probably the "speaker at the meeting you attended, where your cell phone was confiscated and you were scolded". It means, "your boyfriend pretended to be a speaker in your dream" so we can see why you are not so happy with "his feeling" where, your boyfriend may have a dominant nature and "your feeling towards each other you are not true friends at all".

This is one of the reasons why "instead of your boyfriend being the one with you in your dream, it's the man you're closest to, you might even be ordering around your classmate/thesismate that you can't do with your boyfriend.

By the way, before we run out of space, let's first interpret the dream about the cellphone.

If my favorite psychologist, Sigmund Freud, were alive and caught up with the craze of cell phone use among young people today, I'm sure Freud would once again say that "the cell phone is a phallic symbol" meaning he also “representation of the penis.

Then, we will ask him, “Dr. Freud, why do you say that the cell phone is a phallic symbol, when it is not pointed or oblong, like the previouIn addition, remember that the cell phone is also an "extension of your self" where, who you are, it can be seen that "the type and appearance of your cell phone and what is inside your cell phone also seems to represent in your personality."

The cell phone dream means "your unconscious self is showing you and it happens that your dream depicts private scenes of couples or lovers having an intimate relationship" which means "you have a deep desire or desire to have sex and experience the actual sexual satisfaction that you may currently be a little hung up on in said aspect of your personal life.”s  examples of phallic symbols?"

Freud will now answer and say "because the cell phone is touched every day, caressed, pressed, pressed, squeezed, put aside to sleep and you are happy it is always with you" like "a man's penis" unconsciously or you don't even realize it - "it also gives you real pleasure and happiness".

Meanwhile, "there are nude pictures of you on the cell phone of a man who, although he is not your boyfriend, is also close to you, because he is your classmates/thesis mates." What does this mean?

That means, "you are ready to expose your most hidden things to the said man, but what is confusing your life and mind right now is why you still have no feelings for him? And why not your boyfriend's?"

And another question, is "why aren't your bold pictures on your boyfriend's cell phone?"

It means, Ecyl, the meaning of your dream that says that you are currently not very happy with your boyfriend at the moment and you are not very satisfied with his feelings because in truth, he has many shortcomings that you cannot tell him, so these deficiencies interrupt your sleep which turns into dreams. That your boyfriend's shortcomings are currently "made up for by your friendship with your classmate/thesismate" . 

That this is even true, you just can't say it but it's almost the same situation, when you are with your classmate/thesismate "depicting you lying on the sofa of others naked", your unconscious self is saying this : "Why didn't you just become my boyfriend, I would have been more satisfied and happier!"

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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