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Now let's look at Yza's dream about white hair.


Dear Yod HVH,

What is the meaning of white hair in standing? I'm trying to pull it out but I can't pull it out. I am now thinking about this dream of mine, so I hope you can help me what it wants to indicate. Thank you.



In general, healthy, beautiful and lush hair in a dream always indicates "physical strength, power and energy" and is also related to "beauty and sexual prowess."

This interpretation is confirmed by a story in the Bible about Samson and Delilah where, Samson has extraordinary strength hidden in his long hair. But, Delilah threw it at Samson's enemies so he was caught by his enemies.

But, once again, Samson's hair grew long and his strength returned, so that the crumbling palace covered his enemies.

The whole story about Samson's very long hair that made him so strong and so elegant in bed can be read in the Bible in the specific book of Judges Chapters 13 to 16.

Meanwhile in the old or traditional interpretation when the hair is healthy and long, it is a sign of the healthiness of your body and sexual aspect, likewise hair in a dream is also a sign of continued abundance in life especially in material things.

Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation or in the psychological sense, the story is almost the same as the old meaning, where, it is said that the meaning of hair is "energy or strange or extraordinary strength."

It is also said that because "hair is on the head or growing on the head, it also serves to protect the brain" so it also indicates intelligence or efficiency in the "reasoning process."

And as it was said above, apart from the "intellectual" ability that is also symbolized by the hair, it also symbolizes "vigor and sexual efficiency".

Now what is the meaning of white hair like in your dream Yza?

When black hair turns white in your dream, it is a sign that in the following days you will be respected for your intelligence and ability to please. It is also a sign of happiness, honor and social recognition.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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Because of your advice or because of your intelligence, you have a big problem that can be solved in your company or wherever you work and because of this, you will be admired by people, you will get a promotion, honor or a unique prize from your superiors .

If you match the interpretations presented above, Yza, the meaning of your dream, "white hair on the stand" becomes clear, which means intelligence and being a good and good being.

The only problem is, maybe right now because you are too smart, good or knowledgable or let's say there are many people who ask you for advice or help, unconsciously you are not happy anymore, because your privacy is too much disturbed , it seems, you want a quiet life, where no one bothers you, that's why it keeps happening, 

"get out of your dream that I'm trying to pull out the white hairs but I can't pull them out." 

That means, whether you like it or not at your current age, you will be extremely intelligent, versatile, abundant, happy, have sexual prowess and have energy or power in everything you do, the truth is "you don't want this anymore" ” but you can't do anything, just like your dream " you can't pull out the white hairs standing on your top" because you don't want it and you want it, you will continue to have honor, happy life, victories and abundance, willingly and continuously -may heaven continue to bless you in the next months and years of your life.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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