Cake in Dream is also a YONI symbol according to Sigmund Freud

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With Case Study: Now let's look at Sarah's brother's dream about the "cake" dream.
 My brother dreamed that my 10-year-old son was giving him a cake. It's just that my son's clothes are wet. What does this dream of my brother mean? I remembered what my late mother said that when you dream of water or wetness, it means "sickness". I'm worried that maybe this is a sign that my child will get sick?

You should not worry, Sarah, that your child will get sick because of your sister's dream of "cake and your child's clothes are wet". Because the meaning of "wet clothes" in a dream "is emotions or feelings."
That's what you will always remember when interpreting a dream, when "wet, or related to water" the first thing it means is "the very state of the dreamer's feelings and the person he dreamed about is unrelated."

In short, assuming your late mother was right that "wet in a dream is sickness", it is not your child who will get sick but the "dreamer or your brother." So as already said, you should not worry or worry that your child will get sick. And add to this, as it has already been said, "wet clothes in a dream do not mean pain" but "intense feelings". 
Apparently, "it's possible that your son and brother really get along or really love each other" that's why they are together in the dream. And because "your child's clothes are wet in the dream," as already said, "your brother may love your child very much or your child may also love his aunt very much."

Meanwhile, this is what "cake" means in the old or traditional interpretation, when the cake is made of pangkinwa flour it is a sign of "health and strength." That means, the person who dreamed of "cake will remain healthy and strong, the same is true of your son who gave cake to his aunt." So as already said, you should not worry, Sarah, about your brother's dream.
It is also said that when the flavor of the cake is sweet, it is a sign of "coming joy". It means that there will be an occasion, situation or incident in your brother's life that he will be very happy and happy.
It is also possible that the meaning is this, when the cake in the dream is "spicy and many flavors, colorful and has some ornaments" it is a sign that the couple is close or your brother who dreamed of the cake will get married.

If she doesn't have a boyfriend right now, this is a sign that she will have a boyfriend and then her future boyfriend will love her with all his heart and all his life.
If she already had a boyfriend and they recently broke up, the cake dream is a sign that in the near future they will get back together again and their relationship will be stronger and sweeter than before, filled with exciting romance and love.
Meanwhile, in a modern sense or psychological interpretation, cake in a dream means "celebration". That means, in the next months or days, or weeks, there will be a big celebration or celebration in the house of the person who dreamed of the cake or a family member will "celebrate" and the person who dreamed of the cake may also hold a a joyous occasion attended by many people.”

The cake also indicates "a big surprise" event that will make the dreamer of the cake very happy.
In addition, cake in a dream is also a sign of "sudden fulfillment of a wish". So whatever the wish of your brother who dreamed of a cake and your son is the one with the cake in his dream, it is possible that in the next few days, your son's wish or your brother's long-lasting "wish" will be a surprise and sudden fulfillment, especially at this time when the joyous holiday season is approaching.
Meanwhile, if the psychology Sigmund Freud is asked, for him because the "cake" is usually round, delicious, plump and soft, it also symbolizes the "yoni" or the very "vagina" of a woman, so the "cake" in a dream, especially for couples, also indicates "a delicious and very satisfied sex" in the next few days.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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