Dream about the ''BUTTERFLY'' in the Dark Forest

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Fanny's dream about the butterfly.

Dear Yod HVH,

I just want to ask Maestro what my dream means. My friends and I are said to be in a forest. While we were having fun, a golden butterfly suddenly landed on me. His size and wings are unusual. The more I moved away from the butterfly, the more it landed on me. Then I looked around me, turned golden. I was shocked by what I saw.


The forest in the dream is the "unconscious or the hidden self" that is why you dreamed of the "forest" because the "unconscious self" wants you to express something or wants you to say something that is "another of you."
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In addition to this, because the forest is dark, you may have dreamed of the forest at the moment "you are in a dark part of your life and cannot make a good decision or let's say you are a little confused in your current situation."

Meanwhile, if the forest is a picture of your "unconscious" what does your "unconscious self" that represents the forest in your dream want to indicate or tell you?
And to the same question: "if you are in a dark phase of life now, what will the future hold?"

This is it! In modern Interpretation, or in psychology, because the butterfly "goes through the caterpillar or pupa first before becoming a full butterfly" your dream means, "a big transformation or change will take place in your personality in the near future" 
What is this change?
Because the color of the butterfly you dreamed about is "gold" in the mystical interpretation of the last process in Alchemy, how through the "Philosopher's stone" "all things become gold".
The name of the "essence of gold" which is indeed the last stage in Alchemy or the making of gold of any other thing is "rubedo" which means, this is also the "final stage of transformation."
This means that you will notice that "the butterfly and the gold have almost the same meaning" in your search.

This means "currently your life will go through a big transformation or change" that your unconscious self is showing you the end result of said change, where, you said in the last part of your dream:
"Then I looked around me, turned golden. I was shocked by what I saw." That is, the result of the changes in your life, "is nothing but the development of your livelihood, until you reach an abundant and very rich situation, that you will be surprised how the blessings came to you this?”
Meanwhile, in the Old or Traditional interpretation, which is almost the same as the Modern Interpretation, or in psychology it is said that because the butterfly gives beauty to the flowers and also sucks the sweet nectar, there is no doubt, when you dream of a butterfly, (just don't
black color) it portends great luck and good fortune.

It is said in an ancient book about the interpretation of dreams: "To dream of butterflies is the sign of happiness to come."
In addition to this, the butterfly in the dream also portends a good message from a distant place or portends upcoming luck and happiness that currently "luck is already flying in the air approaching you so that in the next few days forever landing on your personality”.
What's even more beautiful in your dream is the "gold color" where, we all know that "gold" means "a lot of money and great wealth."

So Fanny, if you relate your dream according to the interpretations presented above, your dream "butterfly and golden surroundings" means that in the near future, like a golden butterfly, great luck will come to you and the this luck and very good fortune will bring you enormous progress, and prosperity in the material aspect until you become rich not only rich, but very rich indeed!

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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