Dream about the ''CATERPILLAR'' and being bitten by a ''SNAKE''

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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Ashley's dream about the caterpillar and being bitten by a snake.

Dear Yod HVH,

I would just like to ask what it means when I dreamed that a snake bit me on the hand, but there was no wound, then, suddenly I woke up? Then the next day, I dreamed of caterpillars that fell on my back and head. Then I screamed because I was so scared of the caterpillar, then suddenly I woke up.

Ashley, your dream "snake and caterpillar are related or related in meaning." More precisely, there is almost only one interpretation.
But before that, notice that you can read the complete interpretation about the meaning of the snake dream here by Tag Snake.
It happened, because of our previous discussions, as we usually do, that there is an "old or traditional meaning" and "a modern or psychological interpretation" in your dreams.
And like the snake, as already said, you can go back to our article to read in detail the meaning of the snake in the dream.

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It's like this. Because you were not bitten, as already said, the snake in the dream, whether based on the Old Meaning or Traditional, indicates two things: Enemy or envy. 
It means that there are people who are secretly and openly jealous of you, so the snake appeared in your dream. Be careful because at any moment from the day you dream of the snake, it can bite you. That means they will vilify and destroy you even more.

If you killed the snake in your dream and "crushed its head". This means that your enemies and those who are secretly jealous of you are also "done" and "dead" to you. That's why in the next few days, there is no doubt, "you will also be the winner and you will have the last laugh."
Since the snake also tempted Eve in the paradise of Eden, so that man sinned, it is also possible that the snake indicates "temptation" or "warning of worldly sin". Ashley is in your case because there is a "caterpillar and snake" that may be irritating you in the relationship.
"Temptation" in your dream means two things. First: you may be tempted to do immoral or immoral things. And the second: your relationship may be "tempted by the snake". In other words, "a friend, your colleague or an acquaintance will harass you!"

If it is based on the Old or Traditional interpretation of the snake, there is only one summary of your dream: "take care of yourself in your interactions with people you know and don't know and don't trust too much and take care of yourself as well also your loved ones."
Meanwhile, like the snake, Ashley, the meaning of "caterpillar" in your dream is almost the same. Where, in the old or traditional sense, the caterpillar warns that "a secret or an open enemy will destroy or hinder your plans." And since there are many "creeps in your dreams, there may be many who envy you!"
Suppose, for example, you work in an office and someone is secretly or openly jealous of you, surely in the next few days, he will act again to discredit you or bully your strategy.
As already said, the caterpillar in the dream "because it is itchy and irritating", you should be careful, because in addition to the "snake that will crawl on you in the next few days, there will definitely be someone that will also crawl on you" love let's say they will force you down and completely ruin your still good strategy.

In addition to the old-fashioned or traditional meaning, the "caterpillar" can also be a sign that in the present, it is a picture of a relationship that you want to escape from, or avoid, because you feel like you are feeling uneasy and itchy, you just can't do it. or know how to get out.”
Meanwhile in the Modern Interpretation, or in the psychological sense because "the caterpillar has many legs" and the only thing he dares to do is "crawl or move around and eat leaves all day long", this is a sign that at times you dreamed of a caterpillar or caterpillar, this is a sign that your life is "too active or too hectic" at the moment.

And because you have many projects and busy tasks or activities that are being done right now, it is inevitable that someone is secretly or openly jealous of you that you will be destroyed or will be destroyed in the next few days, so as it has been repeatedly said to -take care.
However, what the people who envy and slander you at present do not know, the lowly and small caterpillar that just crawls around and is not noticed much, as soon as it shuts up again in its pupa, only for a few days the monstrous creature that oppressed, hated and insulted, nothing – wings, suddenly fly and become a very beautiful, colorful and attractive butterfly.

The same will happen to you Ashley. As shown in your dream: "You will be despised and underestimated", but as soon as you keep trying even if you crawl, just like a caterpillar, after the patience and sacrifices you have made in life, you will suddenly spread your wings and become a beautiful butterfly - indicating, that whatever the height and height of your dreams, you will reach and achieve it in the near future, which will eventually bring you a very delicious and very sweet success – like a caterpillar that has become a full-fledged butterfly!

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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