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Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that I was with a child I didn't know, then we were walking in the forest, and suddenly the sun came out and it was very bright. The weather was overcast or it seemed like it was approaching afternoon when we were walking, but we were surprised because the sun suddenly came out full of light. What does this dream of mine mean?

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In the old or traditional sense, the child in the dream depends on how many years or what is the age of said child, but usually, when you dream of a child with you, it indicates a "time or situation that is full of of hope and wonder of life.”

Apparently, the dream of child is a picture, where, in your current situation regardless of your condition, “there is always hope and new life that will take place in your experience. That's why the child in the dream, as already said, is also a sign of "hope and change towards vitality."

If you are married and the child is also an indication that you will have a baby in the next few years and if you are already married and have children, the child in the dream is an "unconscious wish" that you want to increase your offspring again.

It is said that elderly people who are sick, especially senior citizens, often dream of "a running child or a playing child that they see while they are lying on the mat of illness", that this dream "simply indicates the unconscious wish of a senior citizen with an illness who felt stronger again and his health returned to like a "child who can run and play energetically everywhere."

Meanwhile, the sun in a dream according to the old or traditional meaning indicates great success especially in material things. That is, if your current goal is to accumulate a lot of money and you dream of the day, this is a sign that what you are trying to achieve will come true, the day will come when you will be rich.

It means that the child you are with in your dream is also the one guarding the treasure, which you can dig up or discover within yourself. And this treasure is the "wisdom or awareness or maturity of your personality."

Which means that in the coming days, your personality will improve so that you will be happier and more successful in life.

In addition to this, you dreamed that "with a child, there will be a big transformation in your inner self towards development and having more luck and good fortune."

Meanwhile, the meaning of the sun in the modern meaning or psychological interpretation is "vital energy, conscious awareness, enlightenment, and in Japanese Shintois, he is also considered as "the spirit of universe" called Amaterasu, - meaning "the totality of the entire universe".

In addition to this, it is also said that the sun in a dream is your "actual self" or yourself.

So if in your dream "the sun shines so bright that the whole surrounding area also shines so brightly", it means that, whatever you are doing or doing in life right now, (whether your surroundings are dark or you have a problem represented by the forest in your dream) will surely solve all your problems and then like the sun, you will shine, and you will achieve all your dreams in life no matter how luxurious or how high they are.

It means that you will not only achieve success, but a great success. And it can be said that success is really success.

That's why there is a question left in your dream, which is, "what is the relationship of the child you were with in your dream?"

In fact, the child only makes it worse that when you achieve success success in your life that you have come so far, your dream reminds you that "you should not be proud, proud and be proud when you are successful already.

Instead, that's what the child represents in your dream, "keep the habit of being a child, humble, kind, innocent and tolerant.

Only with such attitudes, as has already been said, "even if you reach very high success in this life, but you remain young and do not become arrogant and do not become arrogant and do not become proud, as you dream,

"Yes like day, your victory will shine brighter and your honor and wealth will shine brighter and brighter for eternity."

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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