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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at the dream of Sheila Martinez's cousin's husband about a bag with  money.
My cousin's wife dreamed of a bag with P150,000 in cash. That bag in his dream is said to have been given to him by me. He said that when he opened it and there was money in it, he thought maybe I didn't know that the bag only had money in it, so I gave it to him. What does this dream of mine mean?

In the old-fashioned or traditional sense, because a "bag" is a container of any kind of things, when you dream of a bag, it means that you have a "carriage or problem that you are currently dealing with."
But, because you dreamed that "the bag was full of money" it is possible that you had a dream like this because you are having problems with money during these times or at the time you dreamed of a "bag with only money."
Meanwhile, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation, when you dream of a "bag" you need to know "what is in it?" Because when you dream of a "bag" it is the container of "the contents of your feelings, thoughts or your current attitude". That's why if you dreamed that the contents of the bag were money, it means that "your thoughts and whole being are currently focused on monetary matters."
In addition, "things are hidden because of the bag", when you dream of a "bag" it means "you have something to hide or protect."
It is possible that because "the contents of the bag are money" in your dream, it means "money or material things that you are protecting." 
If this interpretation is to be believed, it can be said that "most of the rich, miserly or stingy people dream of a lot of money in a bag." Which only indicates this content of the unconscious self: "Don't take this money, it's mine!"
Meanwhile, it is also said that when you dream of a "bag", it also depends on the "style of the bag". If the bag is simple, it indicates that "the life and thoughts of the said individual who dreamed of the bag are simple."
Meanwhile, if the bag is ornate or has a lot of decorations, it indicates that "the said individual who dreamed of the bag is luxurious, arrogant, fond of society, flashy and arrogant".
Now let's examine the meaning of money in dreams.
In the old or traditional sense money indicates imminent prosperity that is yet to come. It means that when you dream of money, it is actually possible that in the next few days you will make money.
In addition, apart from material abundance, if you are a businessman and you dream of money, as already said, this is a sign that sales will rise and your current business will advance so you will have extra income.

If you have a lawsuit or legal battle to face, when you dream of money it is a sign that in the near future, you will win your case and you will have more money.
If you are single, or a young woman or a young man, when you dream of money it indicates "union" meaning, you will soon get married and the aforementioned marriage will bring you wealth and abundance material.
While if you are a married man or woman, the dream of money is a sign that in the near future, the wife will become pregnant and the baby she will give birth to will bring prosperity and great wealth to your family.

Meanwhile in the modern meaning or psychology interpretation
, money means "power and energy". It means that if you lost money in a dream, it is a sign that in the next few days, your vitality and activity in life will be diminished or reduced. But on the other hand, if you have collected money, it means that in the next few days, you will be even more motivated and work on anything that you do or your career.
That's why Sheila Martinez, if the interpretations pointed out above are applied to your actual dream or the dream of your cousin's wife, that
 "you said you handed him a bag with only money", 
it is clear that that is the meaning of the said dream, "this is a sign that in the next few days, you may bond or be together and in your marriage, both of you will be energetic and happy, and after that bonding, about a few more days, maybe 15 days from when the two of you are together, in an unexpected event, you will suddenly have a large amount of money."

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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