Dream about fighting with a woman But, in real life not a quarrelsome person

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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Josephine P's dream about fighting with a woman.

Dear Yod HVH,

What is the meaning of my dream that I am fighting with a woman? But, in real life I am not a quarrelsome person. I hope I understand its meaning. Thank you.

From a psychological point of view, everything we dream about is, after all, "you too". That means, "the person who dreamed, all the characters, events or maybe things and situations" in your dream - is also you. The people in your dream become like "just another person", because it is wrapped in a symbol to "penetrate the watchful conscious self."

In fact, even if the "conscious self" watches all night long, it will not be able to properly watch the things that are expressed as the "unconscious self" because when a person is sleeping, his "conscious self" is also asleep. ”. That's why because the "watchman" (conscious self) has fallen asleep, the "things that the unconscious self wants to express to us" can freely come out.

And because the dream is "also the body of thoughts, concerns, fears, troubles, worries, wishes or desires to happen and desires to be fulfilled by the unconscious self" he can release it of "not being edited or hindered by the conscious self" even more so and these "dreams are wrapped in symbols" so that, as already said, "the conscious self is not aware" is revealed by the "unconscious self" the things that should be "secreted or kept secret" so that both of them can come to an agreement. 

In other words, "the conscious self guards the secrets of your personality, but the unconscious self reveals them when a person dreams."
But it doesn't happen that we are able to "hide" the content of "a person's inner self" because we dreamed. So that as already explained, we can discover and know what the "unconscious self" wants to do or say so that we can further reach "completeness and harmony" in our lives.

So let's go back to your dream, Josephine, as it has been said, if it is based on modern meaning or psychological interpretation, it turns out that "the woman who is your enemy in your impatience is also you."

The question now is, "why are you fighting yourself or the woman?"
That happened, because first, there may be "things you want to do that are being prevented by yourself." Which means your will is arguing with something you should decide but you still can't make a decision. And because you are struggling or confused about what you should really do, "your two selves fought in your dream."

Second, "what does your female enemy look like in your dream?" Whatever his "appearance or character", this is an indication that "that kind of person or that person's behavior is what you hate. And because you are disgusted with "that kind of person", you fight with him in your dream. It's like, "when you have an enemy in your dream, no matter who that person is, in your walking life or in real life, you hate him, maybe he did something because of your mistake so you fought him while you were asleep and dreaming .

Third, "because you also dreamed" and "the woman in your dream is you", the meaning of "you fought" may also be that you "dislike or hate your own behavior" that you want to change, but for now you can't change it. So what happened, because you could not change or eliminate this negative habit of yours, "you fought yourself in the dream."

Meanwhile, in the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, this is the meaning when you have an enemy in your dream, either in your walking life or in real life, you will have a defeat or a dispute that is also a friend or colleague of yours at home, including work or a loved one. You may have already argued or you have answered him, so the said argument became "scum or residue" in your unconscious mind, which resulted in you dreaming of a scene where you have an enemy who is a woman.

As for the married woman, when you dream of having an enemy, it means, "if your husband regularly gives you a budget or shopping or money to spend at home", because you dreamed of "you have an enemy" the money that is or will be delivered to you by mister will be reduced or delayed or may be reduced.

If you are a married man and you dreamed that "you have an enemy and you are very angry in your dream, this is a sign that "maybe before you dreamed your wife did not sleep with you when you really wanted to." Your annoyance with your wife, when you were sleeping you still carried it around so it "became angry" that's why, in your dream, you dreamed that you had an enemy.

The good thing about dreaming that you have an enemy, if we are to believe the old or traditional interpretation, when you defeat your enemy in your dream it is a sign that "if someone is harming you at the moment or intrigues you, surely all those who slander and envy you will not prevail. Instead, in the end, you will still be the winner and be lucky despite the insults, teasing and intrigue of your friends or neighbors or anyone who is secretly jealous of you.

In addition, when you dream that you have an enemy and you defeat that enemy in the dream, if you are a businessman, it is a sign that in the next few days in the transactions you will enter, you will earn a lot of profit.

If you are a lover and you dreamed that you defeated your enemy, this is a sign that "no matter what you ask of your lover or your partner, he will definitely not refuse and he will definitely follow your wishes."

When you are just an ordinary person, and you dream that you beat the one you waved in your dream, this is a sign that any fighting, fighting or even problems or dangers come into your life, it will not happen to you, because in the end you will be the winner and the great success will be yours.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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