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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Vince's dream about them being friends in the forest and hunting.

We are three friends. We are in the forest and then we are hunting. We are carrying a bow. Then my two friends didn't have arrows or animals to hit, because they didn't aim. I always miss the ones I shoot. And I shot a huge wild boar. Then in my dream, I'm very good and I'm very happy because my arrows are always wrong. My friends are not jealous because every time I hit someone, especially when I hit the wild boar, they were also very happy. What is the meaning of this dream of mine?

Dream about "hunting" where, you are friends the "hunters" or "hunting" depends on what kind of animal you are "hunting", is the meaning of the said dream.
Meanwhile, let's first examine the meaning of the forest, because in your dream you are friends in the forest.

In the old or traditional interpretation the forest indicates adventure. That's why you may be able to go abroad, but it can't be said that the going abroad or the adventure that will happen will be immediately happy.
Instead, there are many "challenges or tests" that's why it's called "forest" but because of your dream that "you shot well while hunting as friends" it means, "whatever adventure you will experience in the present and in the next days, months or years, you will surely overcome it, you will surely prevail and be successful.” 
In the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, friends still mean two things. It is said that when you are with your friends and the situation seems sad, it is a sign that someone will get sick or that someone will have a problem with your friends. But when friends are happy in a dream, it is a sign of happy news to come or a happy occasion to share in the next few days. And it can also be a sign of a happy courtship, flirting and dating that will lead to a romantic and happy relationship.”
"Hunting" in the old or traditional interpretation says that when the "animal you hit while hunting or shooting an animal in the forest is a male deer or a female wild boar" it is a sign of great luck and prosperity material will come to you.

If you are a lover, when you hit the aforementioned male deer or sow while hunting, it is a sign that you will stab the heart of the person you are courting. That is why in the near future you and the woman you are courting will develop a very happy relationship that will lead to marriage and a happy family.

Meanwhile, if you hit a rat or a rabbit or that's what you're hunting in the forest, it's a sign of "misfortune" or "bad luck that will happen in the next few days." It can also be that if you are a businessman it is a sign of business loss and if you are a lover it is a sign of disappointment or disappointment in the person you are courting.
If you are "hunting" foxes or stray dogs or forest dogs, this is a sign that there will be many obstacles and trials in your life, but if you hit or snared it while you were hunting, this is a sign that whatever obstacles come in your life, you will overcome all of them happily and smoothly.
Meanwhile, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation, the forest in the dream is you yourself. "Your dark and mysterious self" that you can dream of is "because something wants you to express."

What you did in the forest, that is what your "dark and mysterious self" wants to express to you. And because of your dream Vince you are with your friends who are hunting, let's examine the meaning of friends in the modern sense or psychological interpretation.
Friends in a dream are a sign of "support" or "help or lifeline" that if they appear in your dream, they are to encourage and help you in whatever you are currently pursuing or pursuing a career.
That's why if you are hunting in your dream, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation it means "urges or unconscious desire that you want to do or catch something through instincts or worldly desire".

And if you hit or "gotten" a wild boar while you were hunting it is a clear sign that it is related to the "girl" who may be a chubby girl you are currently courting.
And because you "hit it" you will win the "love you long for with him that you will be very happy with, and not only you will be happy, but your friends will also enjoy it, that's why in your dream, whenever you will hit someone, or you will be shot, not only you will be happy, but also your friends will be happy.
Therefore, if the overall meaning of your dream is analyzed based on the interpretations mentioned above, it appears that 
"your dream indicates a happy news two years from now (this is the number of your two friends with you in your dream ), you may be courting or the person you are courting will answer you. 
You will enjoy it and so will your friends, which will lead to a happy and blissful marriage and your two hunting buddies will also be your bridesmaids.”

Where, your dream also means because you always miss any animal you shoot and this time, as it has been said, "you will shoot and miss the love or the heart of the woman you are courting" and once married that you, two years from now, have the promise of a prosperous and happy marriage for life.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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