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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Carmen's dream about slippers and wallet.

Dear Yod HVH,

What does it mean when I dreamed that I left my slippers and they got lost and I looked for them but couldn't find them? But when I was looking for it I got a wallet, I hid it and stuck it in my shorts.

Because slippers are stepped on and it is also the way we can leave the house and go everywhere, so the dream of slippers means our current situation in life, especially at home, in friendships and in the socializing people.

Sometimes the shoes, especially beautiful and loved, also symbolize our career or occupation. So when you dream of "losing your slippers" it probably means "you are not satisfied with your current career, so you will look for another source of income or another job."
It is also possible that the "slipper, especially the shining sandal" is also "Cinderella's slipper that was left behind at a party while she was dancing with a handsome prince." It means, "you will fall in love or you will have a crush or special someone, but you won't stay together." Unless "in your dream, the moment you looked for your lost slipper, you found it again."

In the old or traditional interpretation, it is said that when you wear the slippers and you are happy while wearing them, it is a sign that you are happy in your current life, especially in the aspect of friendship and also inside the home. Apparently, because you are happy at home or with friends, you don't have many problems at the moment, that's why you "wear your slippers that are fresh and good for your feet." 
That's why, Carmen, in your dream 
"the slipper is gone and you can't see it anymore",
 this is a sign that currently "some of your friends or some of your relatives and formerly close to you are missing you alive.” So the advice is, it's better if now that the Christmas season is approaching, visit, say hello and give a little gift to the people who once or used to be close to your heart.
The missing slipper may also be a warning that something will be lost or damaged in your home or your house, but the best thing about your dream is that even if your slipper is lost, it is replaced by a "wallet" because of your search for " slippers in your dream what you saw was the wallet.”

Now let's pay attention to the meaning of wallet.
In the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, a wallet in a dream has almost the same meaning as "money or money" but only when a "wallet" is dreamed of, luck and good fortune will be a bit longer. But because you hid the "wallet in your shorts" it means "the luck that will come to you, especially in the next few days will be saved and kept for the future."

That's why if the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation gives meaning to your dream "you lost your slippers, you're looking for them but you haven't found them and what you've found is the wallet you hid in your shorts", what your dream clearly indicates dream, "you will lose something, or your money may run out immediately, but after you lose something or your money runs out, something better will replace it or even if your money runs out, more money will come to you and you will be able to hide it."
Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation, or in the psychological sense, slippers in a dream means "currently you are restless in your life, as if in your current situation you want to change or change something." Maybe you want to change something, because you're not happy with your current situation or maybe you're looking for something else or you want to achieve something or you want to do something that you haven't been able to do at the moment.

But because the slipper disappeared in your dream and you can no longer see it, "it means that your mind's confusion will disappear, you will be relieved, because what you have found is the "wallet" representing "money, money and good fortune .
That's why if you connect the interpretations mentioned above, the meaning of your dream is now clear, "after disturbances in your mind and some problems, all problems will be solved voluntarily, and after solving , great luck and good fortune related to money and material things will come immediately one after the other.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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