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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Pauline's dream about the carpet.

I dreamed that my mother came and bought a carpet. My youngest brother Patrick and I were very happy, so we went for a ride. Then we were surprised, because the carpet lifted off the ground. We went out the door and flew high. Then we watched the cars and people below. Then I woke up. What is the meaning of this dream of mine?

No doubt Pauline what you dreamed of was the "magical flying carpet" that we see in fairy tales, such as the fairy tale Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, where, Aladdin had a "magical carpet", he rode it with Princess Jasmine and he ordered her to fly in the sky to show them everywhere and then they returned to the kingdom.

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Besides Aladdin, King Solomon also has a magical magic carpet. He can also command it to float on the ground until it finally flies into the sky.
This is what is written The Jewish Encyclopedia s.v. Solomon’s carpet, about magic carpet of Haring Solomon: 
“When God appointed Solomon king over every created thing, He gave him a large carpet sixty miles long and sixty miles wide, made of green silk interwoven with pure gold, and ornamented with figured decorations. Surrounded by his four princes, Asaph Berechiah, prince of men, Ramirat, prince of the demons, a lion, prince of beasts, and an eagle, prince of birds, when Solomon sat upon the carpet he was caught up by the wind, and sailed through the air so quickly that he breakfasted at Damascus and supped in Media. One day Solomon was filled with pride at his own greatness and wisdom; and as a punishment therefore the wind shook the carpet, throwing down 40,000 men. Solomon chided the wind for the mischief it had done; but the latter rejoined that the king would do well to turn toward God and cease to be proud; whereupon Solomon felt greatly ashamed.” . 
Meanwhile in the old or traditional sense because in the old days the carpet was only seen in luxurious houses, palaces and kingdoms, it is said that the meaning of "carpet in a dream indicates approaching wealth."
That's why if you dreamed of an elegant, many ornaments and very beautiful or very luxurious carpet it indicates that in the coming times, you will experience an elegant and rich lifestyle or you will not live in a very luxurious house like a palace used to
In short, the carpet in a dream, as long as it is beautiful and elegant, indicates prosperity in life, particularly in material things, and prosperity in the standard of living of your family.

Meanwhile in the modern meaning or psychological interpretation
, it is said that if you dream of a carpet, notice what it looks like? Is the design beautiful, is the carpet undamaged and is the carpet you dreamed of really rich?
Such are the questions because psychologically interpreting the carpet is you. It means that what the carpet looks like is exactly what your inner self looks like right now.
That's why if the carpet in your dream is torn or worn out, it just means that your life is messy and has many problems at present.
But if the carpet in your dream is beautiful, elegant and richly ornamented, as already explained, it is a sign that you are currently living an elegant, luxurious and tasteful lifestyle.

In addition to this, it is also possible that the carpet in the dream is also like the interpretation of the dream of flying. This is "a sign that when you dream of flying, it indicates that in your current life, something is bothering you that you want to escape from." And for your conscious self to escape from the problems and chaotic life in the present, "unconscious self made a way", he gave you a magical carpet in the dream, so that you can fly forever
And since it was your mother who bought the carpet in your dream Pauline, and brought it to your house, this simply means, "through your mother and the help of your younger brother" who was with you while the carpet was flying "immediately your current problems are solved or will be solved" and after it is solved, "you feel really happy-happy, very happy like flying through the air on a magical carpet."

Meanwhile, in the fairy tales interpretation "the magic carpet dream also indicates that in the next few days whatever you ask for in life, no matter how luxurious or how luxurious it is especially if it is related to your family what you ask for, no doubt, in the near future before Christmas, it will surely come true and come true.
Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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