Dream About Number and round shape Chocolate


WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Francis's dream about the one updating the money in the bank and the round shaped chocolate.

Dear Yod HVH,

Hi, Yod. What does it mean when I dreamed that "I updated my passbook at the bank. Then there is a chocolate circle that is quite expensive, which I saw being given away. I asked and I was given a lot. And in my dream before I left, I realized that I had 1,036,000 saved in my passbook. Hope when you reply I will receive your answer in my email. Thank you and God bless.

Everything you saw in your dream, Francis, indicates money and good fortune.

First, notice that you dreamed of "numbers". In our previous discussion, this is the meaning of the number in the dream: Dream About numbers are said to be lucky, because it means "a lot of money and a lot of money."
It happened, because when you check, you will think "money is created because of the number". If there is no number or value printed on the money, it is worthless. It means that the very soul of money so it has value is because of the "number" so when you dream of a number, it means "money." 

In addition, in your dream, you will notice that these numbers are the same number written in your passbook, (1,036,000). Which means, "your savings are already a million pesos" that you saw in your dream. That's why "the luck that will come to you is also a million in the near future or when you dream of numbers."
Second, the luck brought by your dream number will definitely come true, because apart from the number, because your dream of "chocolate in a round shape that will be loved has a good meaning". Where, because the chocolate in your dream is "round", meaning "round is eternal" which also means "money".

In other words, the whole of your dream reveals this truth: "you will never run out of money and luck". You especially know the importance of "saving" which in turn is represented by the "passbook in your dream."

Third, because "chocolate is sweet or sweets" that is why in everyday life it is always associated with the happy love of lovers, it is also a sign of a happy and romantic love that is close which is close to yours will take place in the present. It could be one of the tellers at the bank or the manager of the bank itself or any rich and beautiful woman you will date and will date you until a pleasant and exciting relationship is formed.

And because in your dream "round-shaped chocolates are given away or made into giveaways", this is a sign that "someone will give you love", it could be you or a girl you have a crush on or fantasized about for a long time.

What made your dream even more exciting and beautiful was that the chocolate was "round-shaped", which means "completeness" or as it has been said, "eternal." That's why if there is a love or relationship currently developing, at the time you dreamed of "chocolates", it indicates that the relationship that will be developed "will be happy and may even be lifelong." And because with if you dream about the "passbook account", this is a sign that the relationship that will be developed during the said period will not only bear the fruit of a happy and lifelong love, but it will also be filled with material blessings and progress of livelihood, which is not only prosperous, but very prosperous and has a lot of savings or really a lot of money.

Meanwhile as a fourth interpretation or explanation of your dream, the numbers 1,036,000 or 1-36 you can actually bet on any type of adventure or any type of number games. The same goes for the number 10-36 or all the numbers with a total sum of 1 (because 1,036,000, when reduced to a single digit, this calculation will appear: 1036+000=1036/ 10+36=46/ 4+610/ 1+0=1.
Where, as explained above, all the things you dreamed about do indeed reveal the continued arrival of luck and good fortune in your life, because 1 is also one of the luckiest numbers.

In Numerology 1 has the ruling planet Sun and the Sun gives light, warmth and life to all living things in our world. So as already said, the number 1 with the associated planet Sun is also one of the very lucky numbers.

It is also a sign that no matter what you do, or no matter what you are busy with in life right now or no matter what your career is, you will definitely always be "number one" and because the Sun or the number 1 is also associated "joy and sunny weather" , this means that with every success you reap happiness and joy (just like the meaning of chocolate in a dream) will always be yours. This is a sign that "your life is happy at the moment."

That's why it can be said that the totality of your dream only indicates this meaning: "throughout your life, you will always have good luck, sweet and romantic relationships, and material blessings with happiness for the rest of your life." to be enjoyed.”

Meanwhile, in case you try to take a chance you can bet on the numbers, 1, 10, 36, 37, 40 and 46. You can also include your current age and your birthday in the numbers you will be matching.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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