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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Gemma's dream, about numbers.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day to you. What does it mean or what does my dream of three numbers 777 indicate? I was very sleepy then, then I dreamed of the said numbers.

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In the old or traditional interpretation, it is said that the dream About  numbers are lucky, because it means "a lot of money and a lot of money."

It happened, because when you check, you will think "money is created because of the number". If there is no number or value printed on the money, it is worthless. It means that the very soul of money so it has value is because of the "number" so when you dream of a number, it means "money."

The same goes for the "cheque" paper that is exchanged at the bank for money. A "cheque" is also meaningless if it has no written value or number, because like actual money, be it a coin or paper, a "cheque" is also money itself that is valid only by the number, or the value written here.

So again, as already said, any dream related to " numbers" this is a clear sign that in the next few days, you will make a large amount of money and your livelihood will grow, and it will also increase in thickness, including the contents of your pocket or the contents of your wallet or purse.

Meanwhile in the modern meaning or psychological interpretation, it is said that when you dream of numbers it is always related to yourself, in which case, the dreamed number may be "before you had your own interpretation or opinion about it."

That's why, just like you dreamed about the number 777, Gemma, you probably knew that before or have known for a long time that the number 777 is lucky, just like the number 555.

It means that you dreamed of said numbers because your unconscious self is informing you that in the near future, you will 100% or definitely be lucky, not only in money but in all aspects of your life.

In the modern interpretation or psychological approach, it is also said that when you dream of a number, you should also focus on the meaning of the number itself that you dreamed about.

For example, Gemma, 777, we also need to know the meaning of the number 7. What is significant or "importance" or "indicated by the number 7?"

It is said that the number 7 is “one of the most sacred numbers, it represents victory; the highest stage of enlightenment,”. This means that the number 7, apart from luck, is also related to holiness, enlightenment and success. So if you have 777, no matter what your current career is, whether it's material, relational, career, or spiritual, you are more likely to succeed and prevail.

In addition to this, do you remember drinking the medical plants advised by the elders? Where, the "herbal teas made from seven types of leaves are called seven-seven." This means that the number 777 in a dream actually also indicates "healing or well-being."

That's why if any problems, actual illnesses, and things that you are carrying in life right now, surely after you dream of the number 777, all of that will disappear spontaneously like a "miracle" that you seem to have made excuses for.

It is also said that the number 666 belongs to the devil, while the number 777 belongs to Christ.

It happened because also remember that the number 7 is a representation of Jesus himself, in which, Jesus Christ the redeemer and savior was also born in the same number 7, because December 25 or the number 25 has a sum or total truth of 2+5= 7.

And if Judas Iscariot has the number 13 or 4 (1+3=4) Jesus is said to have the number 7. This fact can be noticed when Jesus is in the middle of 13 people or his 13 disciples. You count one, two, three.. ect... from the right, you will notice Jesus or the one in the middle will drop the 7th. From the left, count one, two, three.. etc... you will notice that Jesus or the one still in the middle will drop the 7th. That is the mystery of the number 13 and 7, that they cannot be separated, because even if you start counting on the left or right, the one in the middle will always be the 7th.

So as Gemma said, because you dreamed of the number 777, what will definitely happen, in this same month of November until the upcoming birthday of Jesus on December 25, will begin and will continue to come into your life. a different kind of luck that will not only benefit you, but also your loved ones and your entire family

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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