Dream about the Seeing "FROG'' in the Rice Field

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Cathy's dream about the frog.

Dear Yod HVH,

It is said that I was in the field walking along the embankment with many green rice plants planted on the side, and then a frog came out. I approached it, it didn't go away, soon another one came out, and there were more and more of them. I was just watching them and the frogs were looking at me like they were happy or pleased. What does this dream of mine mean?


When you dream of a field, it has a positive meaning, especially if the color of the rice planted in the field is green. This means that this is the period in your life that leads to growth and flourishing in all aspects of your experience, especially in love, career and material aspects, which means that you will be lucky during these times and as the days and months or years, you will have even more good fortunes.
Meanwhile, in the Old or Traditional interpretation, a frog in a dream like a green field, indicates good fortune.

If you are a businessman, the frog in the dream says that in the next few days, you will earn a large amount of money due to a very good transaction. Apparently, you will get fat and accumulate heaps of money in the next few days.

To farmers, if you dream of a frog, it portends a bountiful harvest. If you have poultry and piggery, when your pets give birth, they will surely be numerous and healthy, so your herd of animals will be greatly blessed and will grow even more in the years to come. 
For politicians, a frog dream indicates loyal supporters and friends, that in the next election, you will continue to win and will have many recognitions and awards in the area you lead.

To students, the frog means fluent grades and fulfillment of other demands related to love and education.
For ordinary employees, a frog in a dream indicates an increase and promotion in the coming days and months.

And to those who are in love, to those who have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the frog in a dream indicates a sweet, delicious and very happy relationship.
Meanwhile in Modern Interpretation, or in psychology, the frog in the dream indicates: "Fertility and creativity." It also portends a "transformation", which is why you dreamed of a frog, because your entire personality is ready for new stages of life, which will be more productive and happier. Apparently, that's why you dreamed of a frog, your unconscious self shows the next big event or next big change in your life that will bring new success and happiness.

That's why, Cathy, if you relate your dream according to the meanings presented above, it becomes clear that your dream, "I was in a field walking on the embankment with many green rice plants planted on the side," is foreshadowing of prosperous and prosperous events or experiences that will occur in the future. While "one by one the frog that multiplied and multiplied in your dream" is revealed by the arrival of "one by one luck and happiness, until it has multiplied and multiplied." That means no matter what is being promoted or career and you are currently busy with, it is certain that everything you do will produce progress, success and abundance that will bring you great joy and happiness.
Meanwhile, if you are another young woman and you seem to want a husband and you dream of frogs, 
this is the meaning of your dream:
"He or she who dreams of frogs,
Most certainly shall find,
Maiden sweet, or swain most, dear,
Each suited to the mind:
A wedding gay is coming soon,
Then, Or then, for the honey-moon.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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