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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Zeny's dream about the bird.

Dear Yod HVH,

He said that we went for a walk as friends in the field, then we rested in a thatched hut. While we were resting, a bird landed on a tree that looked like a kaimito tree. Then the bird twit twit as if singing. While I was watching the bird, I suddenly woke up. What does this dream of mine mean?

The farm, especially during the summer and harvest of rice, indicates abundance.
While the thatched hut in the field, is a picture of the state of your life at the moment, simple, but because you are resting, it means that you are "simple, but relaxed" or "you feel good at the moment.
But it's also possible that you're "tired" at the moment, and that's why you dreamed of "resting in a thatched hut" because your unconscious self wants to experience a "break or a nice vacation in the province or a place close to nature."

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Meanwhile, in the old or traditional interpretation of the bird when it flies in your dream, if you are rich or wealthy in life, it means "your livelihood will also fly one by one" which means "you will suffer you." But if you are poor, you dreamed of a bird that flew, it means that your poverty will leave or fly away, so the next event in your life will be the great development and advancement related to livelihood. .
Meanwhile, your dream Zeny has nothing to do with bird flight. Instead, your dream is "the bird chirping or singing in the cypress tree", which means that in the next few days, your life will also sing and you will be happy. 
However, when you dream of a bird, the interpretation also depends on what kind of bird you dreamed about. But since the bird you dreamed about was "singing a song" it is probably a type of tarat bird, which in traditional belief the bird singing on the branch of any tree is simply very lucky. It indicates health and prosperity.

If you are a young woman, "the singing bird on the branch" is a sign that you will get married and the person you marry will be rich and you will live overseas or in another country once you have a family. You will have healthy, handsome and beautiful children with many talents related to music
Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation, or in the psychological sense, the bird in the dream indicates "spirituality" and "deep self-reflection." However, because the bird sings in your dream, it also heralds "peace and harmony in your inner self."
That's why if you have a problem at the moment or feel it, because you dreamed of a "bird singing on a tree branch" it is a sign that all the problems you feel will disappear and your inner self will return to a happy and pleasant state .

The bird is also a picture of yourself. So, as already explained, because the bird sings, in the coming days, you will be happy. The reason for your joy may be because of material things to come or in the future there is a distant journey that will bring you happiness and abundance.
That's why if you correlate the interpretations mentioned above, the meaning of your dream is now clear.
"You are walking in different fields" 
which means "you will have rest and joy through your friends." Apparently, your friends and housemates will give you "comfort" or "consolation" in the next few days, so whatever your problem will eventually disappear or be solved with the help of your friends.

"Rest in thatched hut",
 which means currently "your unconscious self is looking for rest, you may be tired now from work or whatever you are busy with." But as it has been said, "because you are walking in the fields with friends", truly in the near future, "you will also find joy, the delicious life and the rest that your soul is looking for."
And it is not just rest that you will find or "inner peace of mind and harmony" that will enter your being in the next few days, but "because in your dream there is a singing bird" apart from peace of mind and harmony, you will also have a delicious and lucky experience related to emotions, maybe in love and relationships and you may also have fun and enjoyment through material things that will suddenly land on you and because "you are abundant and happy ” like the bird in your dream, “you too will sing for joy and complete happiness.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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