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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Anne's dream about the ring her boyfriend gave her.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of a ring that my boyfriend gave me. But in real life, my boyfriend is abroad and we're just in a LDR and we've never met in person, we always see each other through video calls. What does this dream of mine mean?


In the old or traditional interpretation, the ring means a symbol of the relationship between lovers or two hearts that love each other.

That's why when the "wedding ring is lost in the dream" it is a sign of your husband's "infidelity", or otherwise, it is a sign that "your husband is trying or thinking about leaving."
That's why if you believe the said old-fashioned or traditional interpretation of the dream ring, the advice is if you dreamed that "the wedding ring that you always wear is lost", it is better if from now on or from when you dreamed that the wedding ring was also lost you will monitor or restrict the husband or the wife a bit, so that as long as it is early, the said tendency of "trying to make the husband feminine or trying to make the wife masculine" will not occur or be prevented immediately.

Meanwhile, Anne, that wasn't your dream, instead in your dream "your boyfriend gave you a ring, but you didn't say whether he put it on your finger or you put it on yourself or you just hid it in bag or in your pocket?”

If your boyfriend wears a ring on your finger, it's a sign that he is the man you can stay with. He also truly loves you and your relationship will be happy and forever."
If you are the one who wore the ring after your boyfriend gave it to you, "this is a sign that your relationship is not yet completely deep, so the advice is to make your relationship last longer, so that your relationship will deepen even more. accompany and get to know each other well, before you finally get married."

If when your boyfriend gave you the ring he didn't put it on your finger and you didn't put the said ring on your finger either, instead you just hid it in your bag, pocket or somewhere else, "this is a sign that you are not You don't like your boyfriend too much or you don't love him too much, instead, as a Filipina woman, you just show him pleasure because it's embarrassing to be rude to him, because he's nice to you. But deep inside or in the depths of your heart, you just can't admit it or unconsciously you don't really love him." This is the reason why instead of wearing it, you just hid said ring that your boyfriend gave you.

Meanwhile in the modern sense or psychological interpretation because the shape of the ring is round and has no corners, and also has no beginning and no limit, it means "eternal". So for lovers, the ring means "eternal love."

That's why if in real life they say "there is no forever" in a dream, that is not true. Because in a dream, when you dream of a ring, especially if the ring does not have a stone, instead it is only pure circular in shape, it is a sign of "forever" for the couple or for lovers who are pure and honest in love. 

In addition, it is said that you should also check what kind of ring you dreamed about. When "college ring" means, 100% or without doubt, you will succeed in the career or the profession that you are busy with right now and because the ring is "circular and it is also a symbol of authority" when you dream of a ring in particular is a "college ring" you will not only succeed and become an authority in your field or the course you have completed, but you will also succeed and be happy for the rest of your life in the said profession.

Meanwhile, Anne, because I was certain that what you dreamed of was not a "college ring" but rather an "engagement ring" because you said that your boyfriend gave it to you, this means that even if it is only a LDR (long-distance-relationship) your current relationship with your boyfriend, especially since your boyfriend himself wore the ring on your ring finger, absolutely, your dream indicates the sincerity of your love for each other, that in due time provided by the great destiny, you are the ones who will stay together and join together in building a happy and lifelong family.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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