Dreaming of ''PIG'' in Traditional, Modern and Hawaiian Mythology Meaning

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 If it is based on old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, the meaning of a pig in a dream is somewhat mixed between bad and good.

The pig in the dream says that you will have or currently have many traitorous friends who pretend to love you and care about you, but when you turn away, they slander you.

This is also a sign of the literal word "you been Piggery" or "your friends will raise your decent or orderly lifestyle".

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Sometimes the pig is also "a sensual or sensual woman who will be scattered around your place", which you may hate so "people killed the big pig in your dream."

If the psychologist Carl Jung were to interpret, he could say "you are also the pig in your dream, especially if you are a fat and active woman who swallows hard" but we cannot say this right away, because you might get angry. But I'm sorry that I said it so that the analysis of your dream is complete. That's why if for example you are the "pig and people killed you", this means, "your negative or ugly habits will gradually disappear and leave", so all that will be left of you are purely positive habits which in the end you can use for more success and development in your life.

A pig in a dream is also a warning of sadness, according to the old or traditional interpretation, it is also a warning of imminent illness, and disaster. But, no matter what calamity you are clothed with, you will surely survive.

This is exactly what the ancient book Zadkie's Dream Book says, "you will be exposed to great dangers and especially to the danger of losing your life, but you will escape a slight injury." It means that even if there is disaster in your life, any kind of disaster, as already said, you will surely and definitely be saved or you will definitely save it.

Meanwhile, other positive meanings of a pig in a dream are as follows:

It is also said that a pig in a dream means "it will be easy for you to succeed in all your goals related to society, and in the end, you will have all the luxuries of worldly life, if you are a man, you will have - women, alcohol, fancy cars, gambling, vices, and everything else.” You will have a lot of luck and money, but you will only make it taste better, until the pleasures and luxuries you enjoy in life run out, but by that time, you will be quite old, so you can tell your partner or story while you are on the terrace of your house and leaning on the rocking chair: "You know Iha or Iho, I have all experienced the luxury and taste of life!"

In addition to this, another positive meaning of a pig in a dream is "if you are a lover, you will have an honest relationship, and your relationship will be filled with romantic and exhibitionist romances." That means, you and your partner will try different types of positions and methods, as far as you can think of, so that your love becomes more colorful and delicious.

Meanwhile, in a modern sense or psychological interpretation, because the pig is typical of a piggy bank, or related to savings and savings, a pig in a dream means "imminent progress in particular prosperity related to finances and material things.”

The same is true because the pig is considered a "symbol of fertility" in many ancient cultures, which is why a pig in a dream also reveals "fertility or abundance", especially for two couples who have not yet had children. The pig means that you will soon have babies – meaning that you will have many and healthy offspring.

In Hawaiian mythology the "superhuman god" Kamapua`a is a pig. He is a powerful pig who married the “goddess Pele”. Pele is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Whereupon, when Kamapua`a and Pele became married they had a son named Ka╩╣owakaikalani and they had a happy and prosperous family.

This means that based on Hawaiian mythology, dreaming of a pig not only indicates prosperity and luck, it also portends a unique power.

Now let's go back to your dream Rizza, where "there was a big pig that was losing." It means "there will be great luck in your life". And the next scene in your dream was "they slaughtered and roasted the pig and everyone was very happy and had a party or celebration".

That means, after the big luck comes to you, you can convert it to make your family happy and maybe the whole Barangay or all your friends or acquaintances.

That if we think carefully, some of these scenes may be if you have just graduated, "you will pass the board and because of your great success there will be a happy and luxurious celebration."

It is also possible that if you are an old woman or a young woman who is a little nervous about not being able to get married, your dream of "big pig and happy celebration" also foreshadows that "in the next few years or months, you will suddenly be able to -will get married, and because of the crazy fact that you are almost an old girl and you are still married, the whole Barangay will celebrate your success and everyone will be very happy."

And in the end, because the pig is also a symbol of a lot of money and prosperity, the family you will build will definitely be successful and rich, especially in the aspect of livelihood and material things, which is not only rich, but really rich.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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